Extended stay in temporary lodging…

Our house…
If you read the last post, you know the good news is that we found a house to rent, and we can move in on the 17th! The bad news is that we won’t have any furniture until the 27th 😦 That’s the earliest date that the military-provided temporary furniture can be delivered. Looks like our household goods won’t arrive until September 17…yikes! But, once we get a temporary bed on the 27th, we can move in as long as we can borrow some sheets, towels, and kitchen basics. Thankfully, our temporary lodging isn’t bad, we’re just anxious to move into our new house. Click here to see a web page about our new town, Hochspeyer. (I let google translate the page, so some parts of it might sound a little strange.)

Connor is 4 months old today!!
I can’t believe how quickly time flies. It seems like practically every day he has something new to share with us. Yesterday, it was a giant fit of laughter! He was getting fussy after dinner because he woke up earlier than normal that morning and didn’t nap as long as usual. I put him in the moby wrap facing out so that he could “help me” take the recycling outside and get a change of scenery. He was immediately quiet once I started wrapping him, phew! All of a sudden he made a loud noise and I thought he was about to start crying, but he was laughing so hard! He has been full of smiles for a while now, and we have heard little bits of a laugh or an excited sound here and there, but nothing like this! It was hilarious, especially since we had no idea what was so funny. It was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.

Our car is here!
Charlie went this morning to pick it up, register it, and get it inspected. He had to strip off the window tinting on the front two windows (German rules…), but other than that, the car is good to go! Charlie got his license on Tuesday, but we’re going to wait until later next week when he has free time to stay with Connor so that I can take the class and test.

The weather has been gorgeous so far!
We were expecting lots of rain, but thankfully it has been pretty dry. Most days have been sunny and in the mid-70s…a welcome change from the 90s we were constantly experiencing in Atlanta, Abilene, and Colorado Springs. But, the next several days are supposed to be in the 80s and 90s here, and there’s no A/C. Aaaaand that’s why Germans have windows that are easily opened…see random observation below :).

Random observations about Germany:

  • The phone numbers don’t all have the same number of digits. Weird.
  • The produce here is AMAZING! Everything is so fresh, and some of the fruits taste better than in the states.
  • The roads in the towns are narrow. Very. Narrow. Makes me extra grateful for our little Jetta Sportwagen, and even more grateful that I don’t have a driver’s license yet 🙂
  • The windows in houses and buildings are awesome. Each window is one big pane that has a large handle to easily open it. You can turn the handle one way to vent the top, or turn it the other way to swing it all the way open.
  • The playgrounds here look WAY more fun than in the states. I’m in NO hurry for Connor to be big enough to use them, but he will love them when he is ready!
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