A great weekend!

Friday morning we got the keys to our house and set up the gas service. It really feels like our house even though we’re not living in it, yet! Now we’re trying to decide how to use each room and where all of our furniture will go. I’m channeling my dad and brothers for their supreme furniture-puppet-making skills :). After our appointment at the house, we went to post office on Sembach so that Charlie could get his mailbox combination. It was one of those, “You MUST come between 10am-12pm, NO exceptions.” I think we pulled into the parking lot at 11:50am, only to find that they had closed at 11:30am for an “organizational day.” Fail. Soooo we drove back to Hochspeyer to drop off Charlie’s sponsor, then went back to our new house to wait for our friend Jes to arrive.

We met Jes and Derek in the fall of 2007 and quickly became friends. Until yesterday, we hadn’t seen them since we left Atlanta to move to Colorado in 2009. Meanwhile, Derek enlisted and was sent to Germany for his first duty station. What a great place for us to reunite after 3 years! We had a fun afternoon with Jes and her two young boys: we had lunch at a Greek/German restaurant at the bottom of our street (um, I’m pretty excited to have two of my favorite cuisines about half a block away…), came back to show her our house, walked to the town pool to look around (and boy did we wish we had our swimsuits!), stopped by a bakery on the way back home, then we played in our backyard :).

Around 5:00, we all went over to the Hutto’s house in Enkenbach-Alsenborn for a cookout. Jes and Derek are good friends with them, and this was our first time meeting them. The Livermans were also there. It was fun to meet some more new people and hang out with families that have kids. Connor is going to have lots of playmates! After dinner, some of them were going to a Medieval festival in another town, but Charlie, Connor and I decided we were exhausted and ready to head home.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the BX (Base Exchange) and commissary. We had lunch at the food court, stopped by the cell phone store to get some info on plans, then spent a while picking up things we needed at the main store, and finally stopped by the commissary. Connor is such a trooper on outings!

Sunday morning we headed back to the BX to setup a cell phone plan. We couldn’t do it yesterday because we had to come home and call AT&T customer service to “unlock” our phones so that we could use them for a new plan here, then connect them to iTunes to complete the unlocking process. After we (finally) got the new plans set up and our phones activated, we hit the road to Heidelberg! Jes and Derek invited us down for the day to show us around. (More on Heidelberg in the next post…)

(When we first found out we were moving to Germany, we thought we were going to Heidelberg because that is where the Band is stationed. But, the Band is currently in the process of relocating to Sembach. New soldiers are moving directly to Sembach, and current band members are gradually moving to Sembach. Until the relocation is compete next month, the soldiers who already live in Sembach catch a shuttle to get to Heidelberg for work each day.)


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