A short trip to Heidelberg

We had a fantastic afternoon in Heidelberg! We met at Jes and Derek’s apartment, then took the streetcar into downtown Heidelberg. It was about 95 degrees today, with no air conditioning anywhere! Well, except a window unit at Jes and Derek’s, which we all stood in front of once we got home 🙂 We walked down an old brick street lined with shops, restaurants, cafes, and churches.



At the end of the road was the Heidelberg Castle. So cool! Then, we went across the river on an old bridge to get a better view. We got something to eat, had some gelato of course, then headed back to the streetcar.



It was a lot of walking on a VERY hot day, but we all managed to have a great time. All the kids hung in there, too. Connor might look like a Brokovich, but he most definitely sweats like a Mraz. The poor little guy’s head was wet pretty much all day, whether he was in the stroller or being carried. But, he barely complained, and when he did it was easily remedied by changing from stroller to being carried or eating. What an easy-going little guy :). I have a feeling we will all sleep well tonight!




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