Moving in!

On Sunday we went to a house-warming party at Luko’s house (Charlie’s sponsor). It was fun to have 4 little boys under the age of 2 all playing together :). (I’m using the phrase “playing together” loosely :).)

Sunday was our last day in temporary lodging…and no one cried about that! Connor decided to celebrate our last night by sleeping 6 hours straight! He hasn’t done that since we were in Atlanta. And now that he remembers how to do it…we’re moving again. We got up really early on Monday so that we could load the car, check out, drive to our house and unload, and Charlie could make it to his training by 8:00am. Connor was fast asleep in his carseat, so I laid down next to him on some blankets and rested until he woke up. Once he woke up, I tried to start organizing things and clean while he played, but that wasn’t working so well.

Around 9:30, FMO came to drop off some things. They brought a temporary bed for us to use until our household goods arrive, and some other items that the military provides for us while we live in Germany: voltage converters, washer/dryer, refrigerator (German fridges are very small and don’t have freezers), a microwave, and 4 wardrobes (no closets here).

Someone else was coming later to hookup the washer/dryer, so there wasn’t much Connor and I could do in the meantime. Couldn’t go for a walk or lay down in upstairs in bed because we had to wait for the next people to show up. We went out to the backyard and I picked up a few apples that had fallen off our tree. Ate one for lunch and it was pretty good! After the guys came to hookup the washer/dryer, Connor and I were finally able to go upstairs and try to nap…but as soon as we laid down together, he was all giggles! No nap for mama…

Charlie came home around 2:30, and then we headed to the BX. We bought a small tv and lots of cleaning supplies, ate at a restaurant inside the mall, then came back home. I started a load of laundry since Connor had no clean burp cloths, and the wash took forEVER. It must have been almost two hours – no joke. I need to try a different cycle next time. (All the settings are in German – maybe that was my problem :).) Charlie walked over to Luko’s house so that he could help him setup our Internet. Connor went to sleep while he was still gone and I was able to manage a shower without him waking up! Our temporary bed seemed pretty small, but we all managed to have a decent night’s sleep during the first night in our house. (No, Connor did not sleep 6 hours straight!)

This morning was another early one because I had to take the driving test. You have to be there by 7:30, but you have to get there early to stand in line to get a number because they only take 20 people. Connor was a happy guy while we waited in line, and he fell asleep shortly before I had to get started. Charlie put him in the front carrier and he napped the whole time I was testing. I passed! Thank goodness. 92 questions correct out of 100. So glad that whole process is over.

After the test we stopped by Army Community Services because there was an error on our gas bill. ACS can translate bills and even call the company on our behalf. We were near the commissary so we decided to go ahead and grocery shop, but the power had just gone out in the commissary so it was closed! We waited about 20 minutes and the power came back on and we did our shopping. Gotta love that first grocery trip when you’re in your new house and you need EVERYTHING…

We took our first family walk tonight. I can’t get over how picturesque this town is, and I can’t believe we’re living in it! We’ll definitely bring a camera next time we walk.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dad and Marilyn
    Aug 28, 2012 @ 20:53:23

    It sounds like you guys have had a busy couple of days….I hope and pray that Charlie can get the internet up soon. It will be so nice to actually talk to you guys and see the little man!!!


  2. Uncle Steve
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 16:02:37

    Congratulations to Sergeant Chuck. Everybody loves a promotion.
    Sounds like you‘re keeping busy; I guess you’re still in the “moving-in” mode.
    I look forward to photos of your quaint Teutonic town. Don’t forget to snap one or two of the outside of your house.
    U. Steve


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