4-day weekend…what to do?

Charlie is off Friday through Monday! We were going to go to Garmisch on our first overnight adventure, but decided to save that for another long weekend. Looks like we’re going to try and find some local adventures to entertain ourselves for a few days!

Our new bed was delivered on Thursday. Charlie spent over two hours that night putting it together, and he still didn’t finish the drawers underneath. Gotta love IKEA and their do-it-yourself-assembly. Connor and I slept great, and Charlie “napped” before and after the South Carolina football game that started at 1:00am :). Now that we have our new bed upstairs, we brought the temporary bed downstairs to use as a couch until our household goods arrive. Our “couch” so far had been two blankets on top of a rug on the tile floor. My back is very grateful to have something better to sit on!

We are slowly getting things clean. I worked on kitchen and bathroom cabinets the last couple days, our suitcases are finally upstairs, and the tile/wood floors are relatively clean thanks to our new friend the roomba :). Next comes some mopping.

Friday we picked up our mail at the post office on Sembach (Connor’s high chair arrived!), went to the commissary, and relaxed at home. Saturday brought another trip to the BX on Ramstein…I will be glad when those “Oh yeah, we need this for the new house!” trips are over. We also stopped by the cell phone store to have someone help us setup our voicemail. It was a little difficult when all the instructions were in German…

Connor and I love to walk and explore our new town. The scenery is amazing! I took a few pictures, but until we get our Internet setup on Wednesday, there’s no way for me to post the ones from my camera. Stay tuned!

But I have a picture on my phone of our little man 🙂



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