Our household goods have arrived!

We were initially told that our household goods wouldn’t arrive in Germany until September 17. What a great surprise yesterday – Charlie got an email yesterday morning that they could be delivered TODAY! Thankfully he got the email in time to call back and confirm (if you don’t call within three hours of the email, you give up that delivery date offer).

The guys arrived around 9:00am today. Connor was just starting to fall asleep for his morning nap when all the excitement started and he didn’t want to miss anything! Thankfully he settled down for a snooze after I put him in the front carrier. I marked off inventory numbers as boxes were brought in, and Charlie started unpacking boxes. We wanted to be able to send away as much trash as possible with the movers so that we would have space to unpack and find a place for everything.

Soooo now it’s a few hours later, and as the movers opened the last crate, they discovered that it wasn’t our stuff in there. We looked at the inventory sheet and marked down all the boxes and items that are missing. Some of the missing items are: two of our dining room chairs, our glider/ottoman (the nice Dutailier glider that glides AND reclines…my big splurge for the nursery), the TV stand, a recliner, some bed pieces/parts, glassware, and some other items that we marked as high value, like a crystal candy dish from Charlie’s aunt. Charlie is really upset about the missing crate, but I’m staying optimistic (for now) that it was just a simple mix-up and our crate is sitting in the warehouse here in Germany. Another possibility is that it’s still in the warehouse in the states…and if that’s the case, who knows how long it will take to get here (it took 8 weeks for the stuff we got today to arrive). And to top it all off, one of Connor’s dressers has a big gouge on the side.

I haven’t gone upstairs since the movers left, but the good news is that it’s not too much of a disaster downstairs. There’s enough room to move around while we try to unpack things. My first project is the kitchen…Charlie started putting things in cabinets, but he knows I’ll want to arrange everything :). The kitchen is tiny, so we’ll see if we can find space for everything! The sad thing is that we left a lot of kitchen items in storage…and there is still a ton of kitchen stuff here!

Our Internet is supposed to be hooked up later today! Let’s hope that goes according to plan. We are anxious to Skype :).


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dad and Marilyn
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 15:00:07

    So happy that “most” everything made it and, I’m hoping that your “cup is half full” attitude will be the winner on the missing items. Let us know if you can SKYPE today….can hardly wait to see our little man!!


  2. Mike and Barbara
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 16:12:00

    It’s interesting that in all our moves, we never had missing stuff. Hopefully, it was just a mixup and the crate will show up in the near future. We, too, are looking forward to Skype. 🙂


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