A slow start to the week, but no complaints!

I often jot things down on a blog draft when I have the opportunity, then go back another time to finish up before posting. When I went back and read that I started this post with baby messes, it made me realize that it has been a slow couple of days…

A messy morning…
Connor woke up Sunday morning with a wet leaky diaper, promptly gave me my first ever bloody nose, had three dirty diapers within the next hour, a fourth dirty diaper not too much later, and of course there must have been some spit-up in there, too. Phew! The bloody nose stopped within a couple minutes. Connor has recently decided that his new favorite skill is reaching out to touch or grab anything within his reach. He was touching my face and nose as we were saying good morning, and next thing I know his thumb was in my nose, and he pulled it out so fast that I think he scratched me. It hurt, and I could feel the blood starting to roll down the inside of my nose, so I was able to grab the diaper cloth in time. Goodness knows we didn’t want to wash the sheets again…we did that yesterday after another one of Connor’s leaky diapers. (He’s usually on a waterproof pad…but yesterday he wasn’t at that moment. Whoops.)

We spent the rest of the morning taking the rest of the boxes and packing paper to the garage (they are ALL unpacked!) and trying to get more of our things in place. We moved the temporary bed out of the way so that we could lay down the living room rug and put the couch and chair in place. Charlie setup the big TV on a make-shift stand (we have the glass shelves for our stand, but the frame is in the missing crate), and I must say…non-HD TV looks terrible on his giant TV. We discovered a few more things that are missing. I don’t think I mentioned that our guest room dresser is in the missing crate, and in the drawers the movers must have packed some of our towels and all of our bathroom rugs. Luckily we have enough towels that did make it, and there were already bathroom rugs here, but I definitely would like to have our own rugs. Our crock pot isn’t here, but we can’t remember if we left it in storage, or of it’s in the missing crate. It might be in the bottom of the box with our glassware. We use the crock pot a lot, so I can’t imagine that we would have left it in storage. We brought a few of our Christmas dishes and those are missing, too.

Monday felt like the first regular stay-at-home mom day that I have had since…maybe early July? Charlie was at work all day, the school-year has started but I’m not teaching anymore, we are (mostly) settled in our house, and it was just my little man and me! We had a nice morning together. I gave him a massage, which I haven’t done for quite a while. I took an infant massage class back in Colorado, and it’s really a special time for me to focus on Connor with no distractions. It was so nice to get back into it, and I hope to make that part of our routine. We came downstairs and had breakfast together, played, then he relaxed in his swing while I exercised a little bit. (I’m about 3 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight!) Connor was ready for his morning nap after that, so we relaxed together for a while.

Wednesday morning Charlie started the process to see if our crate can be tracked down, and he dropped off the dishes and kitchen items we had borrowed from Army Community Service. Someone from the internet company came by this morning to check the connection. Apparently the problem is not our house, so now the company has to get permission from town hall to go down one of the manhole covers to check the line. Or something like that :). He told us that should be taken care of within a day or two, then he can set an appointment to come and hook us up!

Connor loves Sophie the Giraffe 🙂



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dad and Marilyn
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 12:27:53

    Connor is just beautiful and he’s grown so much….I’m so happy to hear that progress is being made on getting an internet connection!!!


  2. U. Steve
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 20:27:25

    Are you learning German via osmosis, or are you using Rosetta Stone or some other teaching source? How long will you be in Germany? Time enough to learn German? Just sort of curious.Because if you don’t learn the lingo, ordering in restaurants will always be an adventure. Or do they have a German “Dennys,” where the menu has a picture for every time?


    • Ashley Brokovich
      Sep 13, 2012 @ 20:36:23

      We want to learn basic German, and I’m really disappointed in myself that I didn’t put some effort into it before we moved. But then I remember that I had an infant and was getting organized for a move, and I’m reminded why I never got around to learning a new language! We’re trying, though…We’ll probably be here for three years.


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