The last few days

Today was busy! We went to the FRG (family readiness group) meeting, which was on Ramstein. I sat with the ladies at the meeting while the dads played with the kiddos :). I kept seeing Charlie and Connor walk past – both of them looking happy and content – and next thing I know, Connor was out cold. Nothing like a nap with daddy! We stopped by the BX before the meeting because we had a few items to return. We also needed to pick up a few more things (big surprise), but didn’t have enough time to do that before the meeting.

After the meeting we went to the bazaar, which was held on the flight line at Ramstein. I think this one is held once a year, and apparently it’s one of the bigger ones in the area. It took up two hangars plus a tent. There were tons of local vendors selling everything from furniture, cuckoo clocks, and grandfather clocks to paintings, wine, toys, Polish pottery, and Christmas items. It was fun to walk through and look at everything! Connor spent most of the time sleeping in the front carrier with me, but he woke up towards the end and got to look around. We ran into our friends Demetra and Paul, and decided to meet up with them later for dinner.

Once we finished looking around at the bazaar, we went back to the BX to pick up the things we ran out of time to get earlier. Then we met Demetra and Paul at Macaroni Grill (it’s in the mall with the BX). Finally made it home after 7:00pm. Great day, but we were tired! Connor was a rock star. You can ask Charlie…every time we get home, I rave about how good Connor was. I’m not surprised, but, I’m just so appreciative of his amazing behavior! I mean, I know grown-ups who can’t handle long days out as well as Connor can! And sometimes I’m one of them 🙂

Random events from the past couple of days…

The weather has finally cooled off! Charlie started a fire the past two evenings, and that warms up the living area pretty well. We’ve never had a real wood-burning fireplace before now! And I’ve never wanted to make s’mores so badly :).

I made homemade granola bars the other day, and I think they turned out great! Charlie even said, “not bad,” which is a pretty big compliment coming from him. I got the recipe from Pinterest – I finally caved and tried out the site. I have a lot of recipes pinned…next step, make at least one each week!

I was making breakfast the other morning with an open box of grape nuts in one hand and Connor in the other arm. I’m sure you can finish the story! Let’s just say that I’m grateful Charlie had already charged our new dust buster.

It was a slow week…as you could probably guess from my recent postings. I’m definitely not complaining, though! I am enjoying every moment at home with Connor, and I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with him. However, I was thrilled to get out of the house for a playdate on Friday! Charlie didn’t have to go to work, so he dropped us off at Staci’s house. She has two girls, Jes was there with her two boys, and I met a new friend Julie who has a girl and a boy. It was lots of fun to spend time with friends, and see all the fun Connor will have when he gets a little bigger!

Connor was having a BLAST in his jumperoo on Friday afternoon! Up until now, he has just been hanging out in it and playing with the toys closest to him. Today he was jumping up and down and having so much fun! We’ll have to try to catch him on camera. I also want to catch his laugh on camera. Yesterday he had a fit of giggles when I sneezed loudly, and the rest of the day he started laughing even if I fake-sneezed. Nothing like an almost-5-month-old to make you feel like the most hilarious person :).

One of Connor’s first times in the jumperoo…still trying to figure out what to do!20120915-214323.jpg

Catnap in the bouncer…



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  1. Elfriede Repp
    Sep 16, 2012 @ 00:22:33

    I sure look forward to your Blogs, Ashley. Also, the pictures of Connor. He surely is a happy little fellow. Don’t they grow up fast? Take care and enjoy the events that you’re able to take part in. Love, to all of you. Aunt Elfriede


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