We should have internet on Wednesday!!

We should have Internet on Wednesday!!!!!! SO excited to finally Skype…who’s first?? Call me maybe? (Sorry, couldn’t resist…)

We went to a mall near our town last Tuesday just to poke around and explore a little bit. The main store inside was called Real, and it’s basically like a SuperTarget – housewares, clothes, electronics, grocery, etc. The grocery area was really big, and we loved looking around at all the interesting food products. They had an international section, and we were enjoying looking at foods from Greece, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, Italy, Russia, and the Middle East. Then we saw the American section…and we were so embarrassed at what was there! The shelf had chocolate syrup, marshmallows, pop-tarts, bbq sauce, spray cheese in a can…is that what we are known for??

We had lunch in the food court at a Döner Kebap place. It’s similar to the gyros you can get in the states. You can get gyro meat, chicken, or falafel on bread, a wrap, or a pita. Then, of course, we had to stop at the bakery to get something sweet. Charlie got a marmalade-filled donut, and I got a pudding pretzel.

FMO came to pick up the temporary bed on Wednesday! Hooray for getting that out of our dining room! (I finally found out that FMO stands for furniture management office.) Now we don’t have any excuses for finally getting everything settled!

Connor rolled over from his back to his tummy for the first time on Friday! He didn’t completely get his arm out from under him, though, so before I could grab my phone to take a picture, he had rolled to his back again:


On a side note…some of you know I was avoiding dairy for a while because we thought Connor had a sensitivity. After no dairy for about two months, I bit the bullet recently and gave it a shot. With no side effects from Connor, I am now happily eating dairy again :).

Saturday brought yet another day of…going to the BX. Ugh. This time we were buying a few things to replace what is in our missing crate – towels, rugs, glassware. Charlie filed a claim this week, so we’ll see what happens. Out of everything that is missing, I am most upset about our glider. I spent a LONG time looking in stores and online and finally deciding which one to buy before Connor was born. And it wasn’t cheap. Of course we will probably get the money from insurance to replace it, but I don’t know if I could get that same glider shipped here. Haha, the ottoman made it in a different crate! Anyway, on the way to the BX we stopped at a store called The House of Clocks. It’s a souvenir shop that also sells the Black Forest cuckoo clocks. Charlie and I have already decided that we want one, but we’re looking around to find just the right one! After the BX we had lunch at Chili’s, then went to the commissary. Connor was his usual good-as-gold self the whole trip :). Eating out with him is getting more interesting, though. He doesn’t sit up by himself yet, so he just sits in my lap. He does, however, reach out to grab anything within reach! He was all tuckered out after a busy afternoon:




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