Busy week!

It was a rainy week…all…week. I got so used to waking up to sunshine everyday in Colorado, and if it rained, it quickly cleared up. Here, it just keeps drizzling for HOURS. Connor and I were able to get out for a nice walk on Monday between the rain showers, and we were busy enough later in the week that we didn’t get cabin fever.

We are getting really fed up with the Internet company. Charlie first contacted them on August 27. Someone came out on September 5, only to discover that the signal strength wasn’t strong enough. He said the company needed to get permission from the town to go under the street to fix the line, then someone would call to schedule our setup. We hadn’t heard anything, and then last week another employee showed up at our house to check the line. Charlie wasn’t home, so I let him into the garage and stayed up in the house with Connor. After he hadn’t returned for a while, I assumed the signal must have been good enough and he was starting to get us setup! A few minutes later, he drove away without ever coming back up to the house to tell me anything. We had no idea what the status was! Then we got a letter in the mail the next day saying someone would be here the following Wednesday. We assumed that MUST mean that the signal was strong and they could set us up. We bounded out of bed on Wednesday morning…so excited that our Internet would be installed that day…looking forward to finally skyping with our parents. The guy showed up right at 8:00am, and Charlie took him down to the garage so he could get started. Charlie came up a few minutes later with a big frown on his face – the signal was slightly stronger, but STILL wasn’t strong enough! Charlie thinks that the company tried to re-send the signal but didn’t actually go underneath the street yet, because the guy that was here said that someone will need to go under the street to fix the line. Um, that’s what we were waiting on weeks ago, and they didn’t actually do it? So we’re waiting, again. I got in touch with the girl who lived here before us, and she used a different company. Charlie is going to look into them…

I heard about a free Zumba class at a gym in our town Wednesday evening. At the YMCA in Colorado, I did almost every group exercise class EXCEPT Zumba, but I was excited to give it a try! It was tons of fun, and that night they were offering a 10-class card for a discounted price, so I bought one. There is a class on Wednesday and Friday evenings. It will be great to get back into an exercise routine, plus it gives Connor some quality daddy time :). The gym is about a 1km walk, so that’s pretty convenient.

Another band wife, who lives near us in Hochspeyer, wanted to start a playgroup in our town. We started on Thursday morning, and it was so much fun! There were four moms there (and five kids), and the kids ranged from almost 3 months to 22 months. We sang a few songs, and then just played and talked. It was so great to get out of the house and spend time with other moms and kids. They are going through some of the exact same things we are going through with Connor right now, so it’s very reassuring to hear that we’re not alone, and what we are going through is completely normal!

We had heard about an American Club in our town, and decided to go to their monthly dinner on Thursday evening. We had no idea what to expect, but we really had a wonderful time! There were about 20 people there, and we were in a private dining room attached to a restaurant (which is attached to the gym where Zumba is held). Most of the people there were obviously American – and many were military – but there were some Germans that just want to expose themselves and their kids to the American culture. As we were going around the table to introduce ourselves, a 9-year-old German boy said his name and age, then, “Well…the American club is just part of me…I don’t know what I’d do without it!” We met some great people and look forward to attending more events with them in the future!

On Friday afternoon, Charlie’s unit had a big picnic at a park. All of the Band and Chorus soldiers were there with their families, and it was a beautiful fall day. The sun was finally out! Connor decided to only nap for half an hour in the morning, so he fell asleep for most of the picnic. He was happy and playful while he was awake, though, and he even squeezed in another nap at the commissary before we headed home! He knew he needed to store up some energy to play with daddy while I went to Zumba that evening :).

Saturday morning we were able to sleep in a little and relax, then we drove to Heidelberg in the afternoon for a birthday party. Our friends Jes and Derek celebrated the first and second birthdays of their two sons this week! We had lots of fun! Connor hung in there and did a great job, but he was pretty much at the end of his rope by the time we were heading home. He started fussing, so Charlie turned on a CD of instrumental church hymns, and little man was out like a light :).

Sunday we went on a new adventure…stay tuned for the next post!

These pictures were taken by Jes’ dad at the birthday party. Love them!!



Little man was all tuckered out after the party…



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