Eventful day!

One of my best friends from college came to see us last night! What a great surprise! Kris has lived in Germany for several years now. Her job took her to southern Germany for a couple of days, and our town was pretty much on her way back home! It was almost 10:00pm by the time she arrived last night. We had a chance to talk and catch up for a little while, then Connor woke up to say hello. I was worried that he would be cranky if I brought him downstairs since he usually just nurses back to sleep, but he was a little ham! He was all giggles and smiles with Kris. I was excited for her to read a German kids book to Connor, but he was having so much fun playing with the book that we couldn’t finish it :). Kris was able to say hi to Charlie before be left for work this morning (they were both in the clarinet studio at CCM), then Kris and I had a nice morning with Connor. She left mid-morning to drive the last few hours home. Charlie and I are looking forward to visiting Kris and her husband soon and seeing all of the sights near their house!

Connor was zonked out for a morning snooze when Kris left, so I just relaxed with him for a little while until he woke up. Once he was awake, we went on a long walk and explored a new part of Hochspeyer. It’s a bigger town than I originally thought – we keep taking long walks and finding new areas to see! Today we found the tennis courts, train station, and some goats and horses.

Later, I was playing on the floor with Connor and he put my finger in his mouth to chew. That was nothing new, but I swept my finger along his gums just on the off chance I could feel something. I was SHOCKED to feel a bottom tooth coming through! I couldn’t believe it, but I looked (which was really difficult with that little tongue!) and felt again, and there is definitely a tooth coming in! He has been drooling and chewing for a while now, but I knew it could still be a while before a tooth actually came through. Another big surprise!!

Does this look like the face of a teething baby?? (Well, I guess it does if you can see the drool dripping from his chin!)

And to wrap up the day…Zumba, then reading to Connor in the glider before bed! Our glider is in the missing crate, so our new friends Joee and Julie graciously offered for us to borrow theirs. Joee brought if over this evening, and Connor and I were excited to use it :). We are blessed to have so many friends – new and old – who have loaned important things to us since we have been here in Germany: sheets, towels, pillows, the jumperoo, and the glider. We are so grateful!


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