Busy week for Connor!

Connor decided to roll from his back to his tummy on Monday night! He has been getting really good at rolling from tummy to back, but he just didn’t seem to have any desire to go the other way. On Monday night he finally started arching his back and looking to the side at a toy, and you could tell he had some determination! It took a few tries to get over his arm, but he did it! And just to make us certain it wasn’t an accident, he did it a few more times. Charlie caught him on video, and we’ll post it as soon as we have Internet! Meanwhile, I’ll try to catch him with my phone so I can post it.

By Wednesday evening, Connor figured out he could roll over and over and over…what a fun game for him :). He burst into laughter the first time he rolled all the way across the blanket. So cute! We are so thrilled and proud to watch his new talents, but it’s a little intimidating to think about all of the baby-proofing that lies in our near future…

Connor’s first little tooth is coming in a little more each day, and on Thursday morning during playgroup, I noticed the next door neighbor was visible! Hmm now that I think about it…this was our third playgroup…the first week he had no teeth, by the second week he had his first tooth, and by the third week he has two teeth (and he’s rolling)! What does he have in store for next week? Hopefully nothing…I need time for all of this to sink in and to update the baby book :).

Speaking of playgroup…we had a nice time this week. I hosted, and it was the first time hosting something at our new house! There were 5 of us this week, and the kids ranged from almost 5 months to 3 and a half years.

The man of many hats
Does this hat make my face look big?

Ready to walk on a sunny afternoon:

It was COLD in our house this morning!



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