Chicken Pox and Turkey Day

After recovering last Tuesday from our long weekend in Paris, Wednesday greeted us with a curveball: Connor woke up with a fever. We had noticed a bad rash on his chin and below his belly button on Tuesday evening, but we attributed it to a drooling chin rash and diaper irritation. When we noticed the mild fever on Wednesday morning, we thought he had caught hand, foot, and mouth from our friends’ kids during our Paris trip. Connor was definitely not feeling well all day Wednesday and Thursday. The fever came down with Tylenol, but went back up as the medicine wore off. By Thursday morning, his temperature was normal, but he still wasn’t feeling himself, wasn’t interested in eating much, and rashes and spots were appearing on his arms and legs. I was able to get an appointment for him on Thursday afternoon. The nurse practitioner took a look and said, “Hmm, that could be chicken pox!” She called in an “older” doctor who had more experience seeing chicken pox, and he agreed it definitely could be. They both said it could be hand, foot, and mouth caught from our friends’ little ones, but, Connor didn’t have any rashes or spots on his hands or feet. But no matter which diagnosis they gave, there was no treatment except to keep him comfortable with Tylenol and oatmeal baths. The nurse practitioner prescribed an ointment for his chin because there were yellow lesions from a infection developing on top of the rash. Yuck. Luckily, Connor was noticeably feeling better starting on Thursday afternoon. By Friday he was acting like his normal self. He didn’t seem to be itchy or uncomfortable from the rashes/spots, and I was extremely grateful for that.

On Sunday, the American Club in our town held its annual Thanksgiving dinner. Charlie stayed home with Connor (he was feeling fine by then, but we were worried that he might still be contagious), and I went to the dinner. I missed both of my boys, but I must admit that I enjoyed my time out of the house. I was starting to get cabin fever after being home with our sick little man!

We had a great Thanksgiving Day. I was definitely sad to miss all of the festivities back home in Atlanta, but we created some new memories here! One of the band families hosted a Thanksgiving dinner, and there were about 7 couples/families there. Everyone brought a side or dessert to share, and the hosts cooked two turkeys. We had a wonderful time! Connor was so good the whole day. He even got to eat plain homemade pumpkin puree at dinner, thanks to one of our friends. He loved it! He also ate pinto beans and kiwi. The pilgrims would be proud, right? When we got home, we skyped with my dad, stepmom, brother and his wife, grandma, cousin and her boyfriend, a good friend, and an uncle. They were all at my dad and stepmom’s house. My mom, great aunt, niece and nephew, and another uncle were also there for dinner, but weren’t there to Skype. It was a full house and we were sad to miss it 😦

Turned out that we actually took part in some unintentional Black Friday shopping! We have been talking for a long time about getting a bigger rug for the living room so that Connor has a nice place to play, and I had my heart set on going out on Friday since Charlie was home. Our purchase rung up 20% off, and we realized they were having a Black Friday sale for military! We didn’t have to get up early or stand in line for it, either! We also got a play rug for Connor with roads, buildings, etc. on it. That will be fun when he’s ready for some toy cars…but we all know I’m not in any hurry!

Our friends Demetra and Paul invited us and several other people over on Saturday. They live in a tiny town (population around 180!) about half an hour away from us, and Saturday was the town’s Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market). There is a courtyard area behind their house, and that’s where the Christmas market was setup! We had some food at their house, then walked around the market with our glühwein. A small group of children sang a few songs – we’ll see if they’ll let Connor join them next year!!

Here is a photo that Paul took of the Christmas market from his second floor:

Sunday was a relaxing day of grocery shopping, Charlie went bowling, I accomplished most of my kitchen to-do list, and Connor had a big nap. I can’t believe Thanksgiving weekend is over already…now we are busy singing Christmas songs to Connor 🙂


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