May 2013: Connor is 13 months old!

What a busy month for you, Connor! You walk everywhere now, and love to “talk.” Your favorite syllable is “nah,” and we have to figure out what it means based on your tone of voice at the moment. Luckily, you have started using signs to communicate with us! It is so amazing (and fun!) to see you talk to us with your hands to express your wants and needs. You definitely have your own desires, and aren’t shy about making them known!

13-month highlights

Favorite toys: Pots and pans, bowls, spoons…any kind of container, especially ones with lids!! You also love your big container of dry beans on the porch, and your indoor “ball pit.”

20130524-111456.jpg 20130524-111926.jpg

Favorite books: Rise and Shine to Bedtime, Sleepy Cat, Dear Zoo, Moo Baa La La La, Opposites

Other favorites: You love to ride in your new hiking backpack! You walk up to it (sometimes multiple times a day) and sign “again” until we put you in it and carry you around. It’s a perfect way for me to work in the kitchen while you get a birds-eye view of everything!

20130524-111632.jpg 20130524-193124.jpg

Signs: milk, more, all done, again (Right now, you use the sign for “again” to mean again, more, help, I want that, stop washing dishes and pick me up, or anything else you don’t know how to sign yet!)

Animal sounds: snake (tsssss), cow (mmm-ah), starting to learn sheep (ba)

Body parts that you can point to when asked: Leg, foot

Mama’s little helper: I could hardly vacuum the floor last week because you wanted the vacuum! You like carrying around the Swiffer mop. You LOVE playing with the laundry…clean or dirty, you don’t mind! Recently, you started pushing the button to start the clothes dryer, pulling clothes from the dryer and putting them in the basket, and flipping light switches.

20130524-111802.jpg 20130524-112023.jpg

Friends: We go to playgroup once a week, and we see other friends often. You prefer to explore on your own when we are in someone else’s house rather than play “with” the other kids. If you find a container with a lid, you are all set.

Other fun things: You love waving to our Santa nutcracker, but you hold onto daddy extra tight if he brings the nutcracker close to you! We’re working on your “ho, ho, ho,” but right now when we ask, “What does Santa say?” you answer, “tsssss!” (Yes, we still have our Santa nutcracker out. Once we realized you liked it, we couldn’t pack it away!)

New teeth: Your bottom right molar is just starting to cut through. You had a mild fever this week and have been constantly drooling and chewing on your fingers.

Eating habits: You eat most anything that we offer, but sometimes your preferences can change on a dime. Old favorites aren’t always eaten anymore! You haven’t eaten plain banana for a while, and avocado is hit-or-miss. Your current favorites are cooked carrots and sweet potatoes, raw beets and mushrooms, homemade applesauce, and pear. You have started experimenting with a spoon and bowl, but when you realize there’s something you REALLY want to eat inside the bowl, you just use your hands or put the bowl up to your mouth! When you’re getting full or don’t want to eat something, you either hand it back to me or drop it on the floor.

20130524-112206.jpg 20130524-112250.jpg

Sleeping habits: You still nap twice a day: currently, around 10:15-11:15 and 2:30-3:45. Bedtime is 8:00ish, and you are usually awake around 7-7:30am. You nurse to sleep, sleep in bed with us, and wake/stir often throughout the night (and naps) to nurse. If I don’t have to get OUT of bed to get you back to sleep, then I consider it “sleeping through the night.” 🙂 You haven’t slept more than about 3 continuous hours since our vacation in Texas/Georgia before moving to Germany last summer!!

And just in case you missed them on Facebook, here are a few pictures from Connor’s birthday party:

20130524-113507.jpg 20130524-113530.jpg 20130524-113546.jpg