Gardening and day trips – it’s finally summer!

I think we skipped spring and dove right into summer! The weather is finally warm and sunny, which gave us the motivation to end our winter travel hibernation and take some day trips.

Another bonus of the warm weather was the opportunity to finish the garden! Charlie gets all the credit. And when I say “all,” I mean ALL. He chose the seeds, planted them indoors to sprout, hauled heavy bricks and bags of dirt up the two levels of stairs to get to the backyard, set up the border of the garden with the bricks, filled it in with dirt, planted the vegetables that have sprouted already, and planted some more seeds. When I married this man, I had no idea he had such a green thumb! Now I feel like the other animals in the Little Red Hen story…I can’t wait to eat the fresh vegetables, but I didn’t do any of the work!! Well, I think Connor and I will be in charge of watering while Charlie is at work…does that count??


Speyer – June 15
This was our second time in Speyer. The first trip was with my dad and stepmom in March, and we visited the cathedral. This time it was just the three of us, and we went to the Technik Museum. It was filled with cars, motorcycles, trains, and planes. Outside, there was a giant Lufthansa jet supported at an angle in the air. We climbed the stairs to go inside, and it was so disorienting to try to walk along the leaning floor! There was a slide to get back down, but we opted for the stairs again. Maybe next time we visit, Connor will be ready for the slide :). Charlie got to go inside a submarine while Connor and I checked out a ship. We also saw a Russian space shuttle. It was so much fun to see Connor enjoying the museum. We heard lots of fervent cries of “Nah! Bah!” as he pointed things out from his backpack perch. Connor had a chance to play on the playground for a few minutes before we hopped in the car and headed home. It’s only about a 45-minute drive, and we are so grateful that Connor can now be entertained in the car, rather than getting upset and melting down. And who knew that a rice cake in a zippered snack bag could provide so much entertainment?

After our day at the museum, I enjoyed going out to dinner with some lovely ladies while Charlie and Little Man stayed home to play :).

Heading into the museum

We found a lion among all the planes, trains, and automobiles…

Awesome swing at the museum playground

And what museum playground would be complete without go-karts? (We didn’t actually drive them.)

Strawberry Festival (Erdbeerfest) – June 16
Happy second Father’s Day to the best daddy Connor could ever ask for! He presented Charlie with a hand-made card including some attempts at fingerpaint handprints.

We drove just over an hour to Erbach, a town along the Rhine, to check out their annual Erdbeerfest. We met up with several Army band families and had a blast! It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and judging by the swarms of people there, we weren’t the only ones with strawberries on our mind on this beautiful, warm day. The first thing I bought was a container of fresh strawberries. Um, wow – by far the best strawberries I have ever had. I shared with friends, but ate most of them myself! I offered them to Connor several times, but my offer was met with a wrinkled nose and “Nah…” each time. He’s at that bizarre stage where he will inhale a particular food one day and keep asking for more, then he won’t be interested in it for a while. But more on Connor in the next post! We mostly stood around and talked with our friends while the bigger kids enjoyed some fun activities and carnival rides, and of course we sampled more food and drinks. I had an “Erdbeerbowle” (it seemed to be wine with strawberries soaked in it) and Charlie had some Riesling. We shared a fantastic flammkuchen (a thin, crispy, wood-fired pizza), curry wurst (sliced sausage and French fries with a curry sauce), a strawberry-Nutella crepe, and for the ride home, some candied almonds. In case you were wondering, we did not go home hungry! Connor took his afternoon nap in the front carrier with me while we enjoyed our time with friends, and an hour later when we were ready to eat, he was ready to run around! There wasn’t much space among all of the picnic tables and swarms of people, but I happily chased him around while Charlie ate, grabbed a few bites as we passed our table, and then finished eating as we walked back to the car. Charlie kindly saved me plenty :). Connor was too busy exploring to eat, so he ate some food I packed for him as we rode home. Another successful day trip in the books!

Snoozing away at the strawberry fest

A church in Erbach


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