June 2013: Connor’s 14-month update

I think you are officially at the stage where this mama can’t keep up! I can’t keep up with how quickly you develop and learn new things, and I certainly can’t keep up with your whirlwind path of toys, books, and kitchen tools that you leave all over the floor! As soon as I try to clean something up that you are done playing with, you want to get it out again 🙂


Signs: You are adding new signs so quickly! New this month: hat, outside, glasses, flower, pear, avocado, apple, water, cat, dog, please, bless you, mad. Sometimes it’s easy to understand what you are signing, but other times we still have to use context to figure it out because you aren’t making all the signs “correctly” yet. For example, “outside,” “glasses,” and “cat” all look the same right now when you sign them, but we can usually figure out which one you mean. One moment that really struck me was when you heard a dog bark and you immediately started signing “dog,” and we couldn’t even see the dog!

Favorite toys: Now you prefer the REAL pots, pans, and other kitchen items. If it has a matching lid, then you are in hog heaven. While sitting in your highchair for a meal, you love to put your food into containers, put a lid on, shake it, take off the lid, take a bite, put the lid back on…and on and on! A new source of fascination for you is trying to put a straw through a hole in a cup.



Favorite books: Moo Baa La La La (you can chime in with some of the sounds now!), Zoo Poo, There Was a Man and He Was Mad, Little Lion, and your Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Singalong

Favorite activities: You are Mr. Curious! Every day you ask to be picked up so that you can look at everything up high on our bookshelves. You point to a photo, flower vase, figurine, etc, and we bring it closer to you for a look. After a big smile and looking or touching, you point and give another, “Nah!” to show what you want to look at next. Riding in the backpack with daddy is another favorite activity.

New animal sounds: pig (SO cute – you make the snorting sound, not the “oink”), duck, horse

Mama’s little helper: Now you like to get IN the basket of clean laundry and toss the clothes out. “Here mama, fold this one next!” Sometimes you help by putting the folded socks back into the basket. You like to get the watering can and stand by the door, telling us you want to go water the garden. You also enjoy unpacking groceries…taking bites of the fruit as you unpack, and carrying boxes and packages of food alllllll over the downstairs!


Friends: It is hilarious to see you greet another kid your size! You walk right up to him/her and let out an excited, “Nah!!” or, “Aaaah!” as if you are saying hello!


Other fun things: You like to give kisses to mama, daddy, or pictures :). Sometimes when daddy is leaving for work, you lean in for a kiss before he can even ask! I don’t know if this counts as “fun” – at least not for mama and daddy! – but you are now climbing up on things, like the couch, boxes, etc, and you insist on walking DOWN the stairs (with help, of course).

New teeth: All 4 molars are working their way through. We can see lots of white, but the entire surface isn’t through quite yet. You are a trooper!

Eating habits: You’re doing pretty well with your spoon, and now you can stab food with your fork (sometimes)! You can identify a spoon, fork, and bowl. By the end of a meal, you usually have your tray full of any container, lid, and utensil that I will let you have! Raisins are one of your current favorite foods, and you still love sweet potatoes and cooked carrots. At lunchtime, you usually insist that I hold my salad bowl towards you so that you can pick something out with your fingers, spoon, or fork.


Sleeping habits: Nothing much new here, except that you have been waking up around 6:30am more often than not…but we can hardly blame you because the sun rises at 5:30! I think you are starting to wake less often during the night.

I don’t think there’s a category for these last comments, but…You pooped in the tub for the first time the other day (that’s what I get for bathing you first thing in the morning instead of bedtime), and if anyone farts, you immediately make a “pbbbbbbt!” sound with your mouth. We’ll make sure to share all of these fascinating facts with your prom date someday!!

July brings our first trip back to the states since we have lived in Germany. I’ll wait and post a 16-month update once we return!


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