Connor at 19 months

I can’t believe that you are now closer to your second birthday than you are to your first. You have changed and developed so much this month! We are trying desperately to soak up every precious moment.

Your signs are so useful for communicating with us. You make the same sound for several different words (for example, when you say “mama,” it could mean mama, lid, pumpkin, mushroom, monkey, water, or music), but when you use the sign along with the sound, we know exactly what you’re talking about. New signs this month: big, small, yes, different, work, silly, frustrated, black, dirty, smoke (we see lots of chimney smoke from our window), wood, pig, bug, tiger, rabbit, whale, cow, barn, baby, police car, carrot.

Your words that sound like “real” words: mama, dada, bye-bye (“bah-bah”), one (“wuh”), two (“dooo!”), tea (“ti-ti”)
You “say” MANY other words that daddy and I can understand perfectly…but no one else would! We love to hear you trying to imitate any sounds we make. It’s so funny when we let out a big sigh or grunt, only to hear you repeat it a moment later.

Favorite toys
Of course you still love your kitchen tools and gadgets, but you have been expanding your preferences lately! Trains are a new favorite. As soon as something is stacked on top of something else, it immediately becomes a train in your eyes and we hear, “choo choo!” as you push it along. You love to stack wooden blocks. I looked over one day and you had stacked several round green blocks on top of each other…then a few minutes later, you stacked all the yellow square blocks! Cans are another favorite object to stack.

Favorite books
She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain, The Cat Came Back, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Our little bookworm

Favorite activities
-Reading books, pointing out all the pictures that you recognize, and chiming in during certain stories
-Helping to cook or clean
-Unpacking the groceries, stacking all the cans, and hiding fruit on the bookshelf
-Swatting bugs and pointing out bugs for us to swat
-Going to Musikgarten class
-Climbing on everything in your gym class
-Playdates with friends
-Listening for sirens every time we go outside or in the car (“Na-na? Na-na??”)

The expert grocery unpacker and can stacker 🙂

Any dishes left for me to wash?

Relaxing during a play date

New animal sounds
Turkey, chick, goat

Mama’s little helper
You are still my #1 helper, but now mama has another helper! My friend Amy comes over on Wednesday mornings for about an hour and a half to play with you while I take care of things upstairs. You have SO much fun with her and you don’t even miss me!

Nothing new, but you are chewing on your fingers all the time and drooling sometimes. You aren’t a big fan of brushing your teeth lately.

Eating habits
Not much new…Your favorites are still eggs, dried fruits, and cooked carrots or sweet potatoes. You also love frozen blueberries (thawed, of course). Sometimes you eat like a bird and quickly sign “all done,” and other times you have second and third helpings. I make hot herbal tea everyday and you love to drink it! Homemade almond milk is another favorite drink.

Sleeping habits
We made big changes this month. You still sleep with us, nurse to sleep and again early in the morning, but you no longer nurse during the night. It wasn’t your choice and you weren’t happy at first, but mama and daddy were always right there to soothe you back to sleep. Eliminating nighttime nursing, combined with letting you fall asleep in bed instead of my arms, has finally resulted in longer stretches of sleep! Your record is about 7.5 hours. Most nights you still wake up a few (or several…) times, but you are almost always soothed back to sleep within moments when I sing to you or tell you a story. Instead of my usual lullabies, you now request “choo-choo,” “meh-meh,” or “ooooh” (She’ll Be Coming’ Round the Mountain, The Cat Came Back, or Bingo). Bedtime is around 7:30-8:00, and you take your nap around 11:30-1:00ish…depending on how early you woke up that morning!