Morgan is 3 months old!

October 30, 2016

Growth and Development

Morgan is now sporting a double chin and plenty of leg rolls, and is wearing 3-month clothes. She is starting to grab things, but so far can only grip soft things like a burp cloth or her Minnie Mouse blankie toy. She often pulls them up into her face and then can’t push them away!

Gathering her toys

“Oops…now what do I do?”

Morgan loves to scoot backwards while laying on her back. She always ends up with her head crammed on one end when she’s on her changing pad, or if I lay her on the floor she can scoot completely off the blanket.

Morgan scooted off her blanket and headed straight for Connor’s Legos!

We see lots of smiles from Morgan, especially when Daddy is around. Connor gets so excited when she responds to him with a sound or smile, and he repeats whatever he just did over and over in hopes that he will get the same response. I love how her tone of voice changes when she “starts a conversation” with us, and Morgan loves it when we mimic her sounds back to her. She has more and more alert time where she is content to hang out in her bouncer, swing, or just in our arms.

Having a conversation with Connor

Morgan is still a reliable and consistent nighttime sleeper. She goes to bed between 7:30-8:00pm and usually wakes twice to nurse during the night. (There have been a few nights when she only wakes once!)  Her first morning nap has become predictable and consistent, but the rest of the day she usually catnaps here and there, usually only getting a long nap if I have her in the sling for a while. She sleeps in the Rock & Play sleeper at night, and I have started putting her in the crib for one or two of her naps each day.


The best way to nap!

Napping in the sling while helping Connor with his shower, and catching a quick snooze on the Boppy pillow

Big Brother
Connor is enjoying school! He has a couple friends from last year that he still loves to play with, and has made a few new friends this year. We stay after school to play outside with them each day as we take advantage of the nice weather.

Connor loves being a big brother. Morgan receives plenty of hugs and kisses, and we are still working on Connor understanding his size and strength compared to his baby sister!

Early in the month, Connor had a school field trip to Taylor Farms. Morgan and I went with him, and we enjoyed a hayride, seeing farm animals, choosing a pumpkin, and playing with friends.

Connor earned a medal for finishing a 6-week basketball program!   Charlie always went with him each week, but Morgan and I tagged along for the final night.

And finally, two more favorite photos of our beautiful little lady this month!