Morgan is 4 months old!

November 30, 2016

Growth and Development
At her 4-month checkup, Morgan weighed 14 lb 13 oz (75th percentile) and measured 24 inches (39th percentile). She loves to smile and “talk,” and we have even heard a few laughs!

While we were in Georgia for Thanksgiving, my Dad was the only person to witness Morgan’s first roll from back to front. Thankfully she did it again two days later so that several of us could see it! She worked so hard to heave herself over! Morgan has discovered her feet and loves to grab them as often as she can. She is also getting better at grabbing toys with her hands and bringing them to her mouth.

Morgan goes to bed around 7:30pm and sleeps until around 7:00am, usually waking once to nurse. We are so relieved that Morgan has outgrown her evening “fussy time.” She still gets fussy when she’s tired (and who doesn’t?), but the daily hour of inconsolable crying has finally come to an end. She seems to prefer catnapping throughout the day instead of a few longer naps, but I can’t complain since she sleeps so well at night!

In between daytime naps, Morgan has long stretches of awake time. She loves to sit in her bouncy seat while watching whatever we are doing, or lay on her play mat while we are nearby. Morgan is obviously not sitting up yet, but she can spend a few minutes in her exersaucer or jumper with some help!

Big Brother
Connor still can’t seem to give Morgan enough hugs and kisses. He gets so frustrated when I ask him to stop if he tries to kiss her or hold her hand while she is sleeping!

Veterans Day Weekend at Aunt Michelle’s
We spent a 4-day weekend with Charlie’s sister and her family at their home near Richmond. On Saturday, we drove a little over an hour to Staunton, VA to see the Frontier Culture Museum. Connor loved running along the outdoor path to see the farms from Africa, England, Ireland, Germany, and America. One of the highlights was watching the blacksmith. It was an absolutely gorgeous Fall day, and Morgan snoozed through the whole visit! We relaxed and enjoyed a slower pace the rest of the weekend. Connor can’t get enough of playing outside with his cousins and uncle, and of course, riding the tractor!

Morgan is ready for a chilly day at the outdoor museum; Connor is trying out the old-fashioned shingle maker

Enjoying the beautiful Fall weather with Aunt Michelle

Thanksgiving in Georgia
As usual, we spent Thanksgiving with my family in Norcross. It was a full house all week, and Connor loved all the excitement. He played all day long with his cousins, and thankfully we had enough nice weather that he spent hours outside most days. We all helped put up lights outside on Friday, and on Saturday we walked to see the city’s Christmas parade. The 6 cousins also exchanged their Christmas gifts. Another highlight of the week was the baptism of our sweet Morgan Louise on Sunday. Since we don’t have a church home in Virginia, we were thrilled to have her baptized at the church in Norcross where we got married and to have many of our family members there with us.

Enjoying time with Grandma Penny and Uncle Jason

All 6 cousins with Great-Grandma

Helping cousins Claire, Ceci, and Aunt Kelly decorate Gram and Grandpa’s house


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Joel
    Dec 03, 2016 @ 20:52:00

    Loved ALL of your pics and stories! What Date was Morgan born? I would love to have a Family pic to put together with your wedding pic.
    Your family is SO BLESSED! I miss you in person however THANKFUL for Email , which is my only means of communication at the present time.
    I am busy TRYING to work around an “Reno” on my NC home which is my ONLY place to live home. Sure I miss parts of Ga. The most empty feeling next to not seeing my son and Grandson is NOT PLAYING EVERY SUNDAY WITH MY (all of our) PRECIOUS LIB. She continues playing every Sunday at Tucker Pres and I substitute here in NC. I do hope Ashley, Charlie, Lib and I can play together again one Sunday SOON! What WONDERFUL memories I have of our beautiful music . Much love to all of you!


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