Morgan is 7 months old!

February 28, 2017

Growth and Development
-Morgan cut her first two bottom teeth the first week of this month!

-She is now sitting up on her own, and I can’t get over how cute she looks sitting there all by herself!

-Morgan can pretty much get anywhere she wants by a combination of rolling, scooting, and stretching. I had no idea she would be on the move this soon! A few days ago she lifted her torso into an almost-crawling position, and now she lifts up on hands and knees and rocks back and forth…ready to crawl!  Yikes!!

-Another fun development this month is sticking out her tongue and blowing raspberries. So cute, but so messy!

-Morgan is getting chatty and especially loves to say “ah-da-da” over and over.

Holding herself up, and finally sitting with no hands!

Going on her first adventure to the kitchen.  It’s amazing to me how much ground she can cover without actually crawling!

Poised and ready to try crawling.  She likes to rock back and forth in this position as she contemplates which limb she might be able to lift up…

This has been Morgan’s worst month of sleep, but she has been going through so many developmental stages that I’m hoping that is what has disrupted her.  She has been waking more often during the night, but still nurses easily back to sleep and then I lay her back in her crib. Nighttime has definitely improved over the last few days so I hope we have crossed over one of those developmental hurdles! She now sleeps in her crib in her own room, and often likes to roll onto her belly to sleep. Her naps have spread out a bit, so she is usually napping 3 times a day, sometimes 4 if she was up earlier than usual. She usually naps only 30-45″ at a time, but sometimes surprises me with an hour and a half, or a random 3-hour hibernation!

Sleeping so well before being disturbed to pickup Connor from school

Morgan has been “exploring” solid foods for a few weeks. She doesn’t seem to have any real hunger for food yet and isn’t very good at mushing things up in her mouth and swallowing. I am certainly in no hurry! We have given her chunks of sweet potato, avocado, banana, cucumber, and broccoli. In her little mesh pouch she looooves to chew/suck on blueberries, pear, apple, grapes, and orange.


Big Brother
Connor still can’t get enough of Morgan, but I have a feeling the month ahead might change their sibling dynamic as she continues to develop her crawling skills!

My little loves on Valentine’s Day

We moved our LEGO collection upstairs to its own room, so now Connor loves to start building first thing in the morning. Connor enjoyed a family outing to the LEGO Shipbuilding event in downtown Norfolk this month. He got to build a ship with directions, look at amazing LEGO ships, and freestyle his own LEGO ship to enter into a contest.

The weather has been strange this winter and we have enjoyed lots of outside time on warm February days! Connor loves to stay after school to play outside with his friends while Morgan enjoys watching the action. 

We spent the long Presidents’ Day weekend at Michelle’s house (Charlie’s sister), and Connor had such a blast. The weather was perfect, and he spent hours outside with his cousins and uncle: fishing, riding the tractor, practicing archery, walking around their land, and building a “teepee” in the woods. Meanwhile, Aunt Michelle had lots of time with Morgan while Charlie and I enjoyed a much-needed nap! We all had fun playing a few family card games and board games as well.

Trying a bow and arrow for the first time with his cousin Eric

Here are a few more favorite pictures from this month:

Captivated by Connor’s train


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