Morgan is 10 months old!

May 30, 2017

Our little lady lady looks so much more grown-up!  Charlie and I have both noticed her hair filling out, and just an overall “different” look to her. It’s so bittersweet! She had a busy month:

-Morgan can climb an entire flight of stairs! She finally had the opportunity to try at Connor’s preschool graduation while playing in the back of the church. She climbed right up like a champ! She also loves to climb on top of or into any tubs, laundry baskets, etc. that are nearby, or onto any shelves, or through/over/under anything you put there to block her…

-Morgan is standing very well on her own, and she took her first step on May 27th! Aunt Michelle couldn’t be happier that it happened at her house. Luckily, Charlie was nearby and he turned just in time to witness it with me.

-Morgan gets attached to one toy (or often a washcloth) and crawls around with it clutched in her hand while playing with other things. She doesn’t like to let go!  Last week she had a toy in each hand and Connor was trying to offer her a trade…but since her hands were full, she opened her mouth to try and accept the toy he was offering!

-Morgan’s vocabulary includes: dadadada, nananana, mamamama, vavavava, and assorted shrieks 🙂

-We played our first mutual game of peekaboo! I was in the backseat of the car with her and she was playing with Charlie’s hat. The next day she did it again with the shower curtain.

Morgan generally wakes up 2-3 times during the night. She normally goes back to sleep quickly, but sometimes when she wakes up around 4:00am it takes her a while to fully go back to sleep.

Morgan usually has 2 fairly solid naps a day, but occasionally 3 shorter ones. She falls asleep in her car seat easily these days, and I am glad for the infant car seat so that I can just carry her inside without disturbing her!

Morgan likes to eat! Towards the end of this month I finally started consistently offering more than one solid meal a day. She is used to picking up pieces of food and feeding herself, so when we started offering her a bite from a spoon she would just try to grab the food off the spoon. Now she eagerly opens her mouth to eat from a spoon, and still enjoys picking up food from her tray as well. Of the foods she has eaten so far, broccoli is the only food that she appears not to like very much. Pear, oatmeal, and blueberries seem to be her favorites!

Big Brother
Connor has really grown up a lot over these last few months. We definitely see fewer tantrums/meltdowns, he is SO eager to help anyone, and he is taking care of more tasks without prompting. And did I mention he asks A LOT of questions? I love our curious little man!


Connor is always looking for adventure!

Connor started playing soccer in late April, and this month he had a game every Saturday. He is one of the youngest and smallest kids on his 5-6-year-old team, but he has fun and tries hard!

One of Connor’s favorite activities with Morgan is bath time. He has graciously shared his bathtub space with her since the day she was big enough to bathe with him. (Actually, he was gracious enough to share the tub even when her baby tub was in there with him!) The icing on the cake is when it’s time to dry off. Connor has a hooded towel with a frog face, and Morgan absolutely goes nuts when he covers his head with it!  She shrieks, laughs, and flails her whole body. I love watching the two of them!​

I had the privilege of attending a Mothers Day Tea at Connor’s school. He presented me with a paper flower, and lead me to a table in his classroom where we shared cupcakes and lemonade. Connor gave me a handmade frame that he made in class, and then his class sang “I Love You, A Bushel and a Peck.”  It was such a sweet morning!

May 26th was Connor’s last day of preschool. I managed not to get emotional about it, probably because he will be attending the same church school for kindergarten next year!

Visitors and Adventures 
Grandma Penny and Oma were here from April 26th-May 5th. It was SUCH a wonderful week, and I missed them the moment they walked out the door. Many memories were made during their visit.

Morgan and I made a quick trip to Buffalo over Mothers Day weekend to visit four of my college friends: Tammy, Kris, Sue, and Tim. The five of us were close in college and played in a woodwind quintet together. Kris currently lives in Germany, so we all made the effort to get together while she was visiting her family in Buffalo! Morgan and I flew up there early Saturday morning and returned Sunday night. She did well on the flights – she napped some, as well as spending time making friends with everyone around her. While in Buffalo, we enjoyed a trip to Niagara Falls, dinner at The Rainforest Cafe, and relaxing with my friends. Four of us had babies within four months of each other, so it was fun to meet the little ones and see them interact!

Ready for takeoff!

Niagara Falls; out for a walk with our friends

While Morgan and I were in Buffalo, Charlie and Connor enjoyed a fun weekend together:  the Children’s Museum, the playground, and bowling!

Memorial Day weekend gave us another opportunity to visit the Brockwells. Connor LOVES spending time with his aunt, uncle, and teenage cousins! This visit, we enjoyed a day at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond on Saturday, followed by a relaxing and rainy Sunday at their house. Connor spent hours and hours building and playing with Legos with his cousins!

Having fun at the Science Museum: testing his speed, and experiencing hurricane-force winds

Here are a few more favorite photos from this month:

Enjoying a beautiful day in our backyard

Two peas in a pod!