Morgan is 11 months old!

June 30, 2017

It has been another eventful month for Morgan. She cut both top front teeth plus two more bottom teeth, for a grand total of six! She was a drooling mess (especially a couple weeks ago when she was also congested) and chews on everything. The next two teeth on top are ready to push through any day now.

We have a walker on our hands! I can’t bear to say “toddler” because it sounds too old, but she certainly toddles all over the place! She took her first step a month ago and has been working on her skills slowly but surely. These last two weeks weeks she has really taken off as a walker!

Morgan has used her first few signs. She does not use them consistently yet, but she has signed milk, more, all done, and ball. She also caught on to Connor and Daddy clapping at the dinner table and loves to join in! She loves peekaboo, and also likes to mimic Charlie smacking/popping his lips.

We have a little monkey in the house. Morgan loves to climb! She still likes to climb into any available container that she fits into, and especially loves climbing up and down the couch cushions with Connor. She can climb onto our dining chairs (well, thankfully only once so far), and loves to discover that she can stand on top of something to reach something else. Trouble is on the horizon!!

Connor was helping me mix something, and Morgan climbed right up to join us!

By the end of this month, Morgan settled into a nice nighttime pattern. She goes to bed between 7-7:30pm, usually wakes up once around 3-4:00am, and then goes back down until 6:30-7:00am. Sometimes she still pulls her stunt of waking up within 30-40 minutes after going to bed, but it’s definitely not happening every night like it had been. Most days she naps twice and usually goes down fairly easily. Sometimes she could still use a third snooze, but it’s tough to fit in these days.

We introduced a little bit of meat this month. Morgan loves chicken mashed up with avocado. Avocado, banana, pears, and blueberries are still among her favorites. I gave her tilapia once so far and she gobbled it up!

Big Brother
Connor has enjoyed his first month of summer! We have managed to keep busy enough that we don’t get cabin fever, but not so busy that we run ourselves ragged. We go to the library a couple times each week for classes such as Elementary Science and Garden Science. Surprisingly, we have only made it to the pool twice so far, but Connor and Morgan both had a great time. The weather has been awfully hot lately, and there is almost no shade at the playground down the street, so our time outside doesn’t last very long!

Connor received his first soccer trophy!

Planting a garden during a Garden Science class at the library; Connor built a tic-tac-toe set with Charlie at Home Depot

Connor always wants a chance to cuddle with Morgan!

Charlie went to Wisconsin from June 24th-26th for the International Double Reed Society’s annual conference. His woodwind quintet from the School of Music performed, and he had a great time catching up with old friends. Meanwhile, the kiddos and I kept busy at home. We had an afternoon at the pool, a day at the Children’s Museum, and plenty of LEGO-building!

Charlie’s quintet performing at IDRS

Enjoying the Children’s Museum

Connor built (most of) the Saturn V rocket while Charlie was gone!

Other adventures
Charlie was promoted to Sergeant First Class on July 1st!  Connor, Morgan, and I attended his short ceremony at work. Connor was excited to tear off Charlie’s old rank and put on the new one. We are so proud of all Charlie’s hard work and dedication!

Connor & Morgan before the ceremony (we haven’t yet received the photos that were taken during the ceremony)

We spent the weekend before July 4th with the Brockwells. Connor is becoming quite attached to them and was sad to come back home. He enjoyed two kayaking adventures with his cousins and Daddy, playing tag with his cousins, riding the tractor with Uncle Brock, watching Uncle Brock cut down two large pine trees, and staying up late to watch “fireworks” that his cousins set off. Meanwhile, I enjoyed napping twice a day with Morgan, and tagging along with her as she climbed up their two flights of stairs over and over! Charlie had the opportunity for several rounds of card games with his sister and nephew, and I even had the chance to join them for one game of Progression Rummy. Connor endured Morgan’s first poop-in-the-tub experience while at the Brockwells. He was not nearly as amused as I was. Aunt Michelle can add that to the list of Morgan’s “milestones” that have happened at her house, along with her first step last month, and cutting a new tooth.

Here are a few more photos from June:

Trying out my Pilates ring

First time wearing shoes to the park!


She loves to carry things around!