​What happened to summer? It’s hard to believe we are already into October. The weather has cooled off a bit and Connor had a field trip to the pumpkin patch last week…so it must be Fall! The kids have been keeping our hands and minds busy and our hearts full. Here is the latest from the Brokovich household, from September until now:

Connor started Kindergarten on September 6th. He was pretty anxious about starting, but has had fun each and every day. Charlie and I have been blown away by how quickly Connor is learning to read! He has learned many sight words already and is able to put them together into sentences. He is so proud of himself when he can point out words he knows as we read books together. His teachers are wonderful, and he seems to have made new friends easily. We stay after school for about an hour each day to play on the playground with other students and enjoy the nice weather. When Connor is not in school, he loves to build LEGOs, play tag, look at his LEGO catalog, relax with a favorite show, and create crazy contraptions around the living room with blankets, pillows, and ropes.


Connor is ready for his first day!

More first day of school photos


Connor is ready for his field trip at Taylor Farm!


Connor’s Kindergarten class at Taylor Farm

Choosing the perfect pumpkins


Connor loves all the trucks at the farm


Connor’s favorite activity at home is still building LEGOs!

Morgan’s two favorite things this month are Daddy and dogs. She shrieks, woofs, and signs “dog” anytime she sees or hears one, and loves to look out the window to catch a glimpse of our neighbors’ dogs. As soon as Morgan hears someone at the door in the late afternoon, she immediately signs “Daddy.” I absolutely love to watch her face light up when Charlie walks in! Morgan also enjoys flipping light switches, climbing on stools and chairs, and looking at pictures of our family.

Our little lady has added many new signs this month: Connor, brush teeth, airplane, book, hat, glasses, music, playground, loud, fan, rain, cold, exercise, sit, open, poop, brush teeth, tomato, avocado, fruit, strawberry, egg, and banana. She mimics a few sounds, such as the frustrated grunt each of us tends to make. She also gets pretty close to a true “Uh-oh!”

Morgan is sleeping pretty well. Her bedtime has crept closer to 8:00pm, and over the last two weeks she’s had a few days where she wouldn’t take her afternoon nap. She still wakes up once or sometimes twice during the night, but she also sleeps straight through every once in a while!

My dad and stepmom came to visit for a few days. They had their 2-year-old foster daughter with them, and we had an interesting time managing the kids’ interactions. Connor was thrilled to show Gram and Grandpa his school, and have them here for his soccer game. We look forward to seeing them again at Thanksgiving!

Here are a few more photos from September:


Finding ways to entertain ourselves while Connor is at school…


This silly girl still loves pilfering from the clean laundry basket!

Morgan fell on the sidewalk and scraped her nose and forehead.  Thankfully it healed quickly!


She thinks she’s a grown-up girl now!

My two little yogis!


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