Happy Holidays from Virginia Beach!

Happy Holidays from Virginia Beach!

What a blessed year it has been in our household. Life is certainly busier these days with two active kiddos in the house, but we wouldn’t change a thing. Watching the relationship blossom between Connor and Morgan has been such a joy! We can hardly go anywhere without Connor announcing, “This is my little sister! Her name is Morgan!” She reciprocates his excitement by shrieking with delight whenever Connor enters the room.

Connor turned 5 in April and is thriving in Kindergarten. I’m so pleased that we decided to keep him at Bayside Presbyterian, where he has been for the past two years. He goes everyday from 9:30-1:00. His teachers are fantastic, and he is learning so much! Connor loves trying to read everything he sees. We stay after school for about an hour each day to play on the playground with friends. (Morgan looks forward to this playtime as much as Connor does!) When we aren’t at school, Connor enjoys reading Captain Underpants with Mommy or Daddy, building/playing with all the couch cushions, pillows, and blankets, and of course he still loves building LEGOs. Connor participated in both a Spring and Fall soccer league this year, which was a fun experience for him.

Morgan is growing too quickly! She is approaching 17 months old and has quite the little personality. Morgan loves to put on shoes and clothes, enjoys looking at books (especially with animals), dances anytime she hears music, mimics many sounds, and uses around 50 signs to communicate. Her new favorite activity (besides climbing on everything) is helping Connor and Mommy empty the dishwasher every morning. She carries handfuls of silverware to the drawer and dumps them in, and hands plates to Connor. To celebrate this holiday season, Morgan enthusiastically sings “La la la!” anytime she hears Deck the Halls.

Charlie enjoys his teaching position at the Army School of Music. He was promoted to Sergeant First Class earlier this year, earned his Senior Instructor badge, and also attended the Army Senior Leadership Course. Charlie was fortunate to have several travel and performance opportunities this past year as well. He traveled to Wisconsin to perform at a national convention with his faculty woodwind quintet, assisted Army band liaisons with recruiting at ClarinetFest in Florida, and also filled in with the TRADOC Band from Fort Eustis for their holiday performances. A highlight of Charlie’s year was spending Homecoming weekend at the University of South Carolina and participating in the alumni band.

I am grateful that I have the privilege of staying home with the kids. When I’m not busy playing tag with Connor or pulling Morgan down from her latest climbing feat, I keep busy with a few other tasks as well. I volunteer as the Family Readiness Group leader for Charlie’s unit, and I am also working a few hours as the childcare coordinator for two different groups that meet at the church where Connor goes to school.  In May, Morgan and I flew to Buffalo to spend a short weekend with four of my friends from college.  It was amazing to catch up after all these years, and introduce our little ones to each other.

We wish you health and happiness during this holiday season. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


Charlie, Ashley, Connor, & Morgan


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