Spring update

We kicked off spring break by spending Easter weekend with Aunt Michelle, Uncle Brock, and Eric. Thankfully it was warm enough to play outside! We also had an early birthday “celebration” for Connor while we were together. Connor enjoyed eating breakfast on Aunt Michelle’s special birthday plate, followed by cupcakes and opening two new LEGO sets. Connor loved having some LEGO-building time with his cousin Eric. The highlight of the weekend for Morgan was exploring outside and constantly searching for the cat. She “told” me over and over, through a combination of signs and sounds, that the “orange cat was sleeping under the truck.” After a nice Easter lunch, we drove home and the kids found their Easter baskets.

Connor helped Uncle Brock spread mulch.  Morgan “helped” load the wheelbarrow, and couldn’t get enough of the cat!

The kids and I enjoyed a beautiful and peaceful walk around Aunt Michelle’s property on Easter morning.

On Monday of spring break, Connor, Morgan, and I met his friend Willow at Cloud9, an indoor trampoline park. We all had a blast jumping for an hour, and then Connor went with Willow to Chuck E. Cheese to play and have lunch, followed by more playing at her house. Meanwhile, Morgan and I enjoyed some quiet time at home, followed by a much-needed trip to the grocery store. Connor had a blast spending time with Willow all day, and he was exhausted!

The rest of spring break was much more low-key. We played at a few playgrounds, relaxed at home, and went to an opera performance of The Three Billy Goats Gruff at the library.

What’s new with Morgan?

-21 months old

-Canine teeth are cutting through

-Uses the potty sometimes

-Says Mama, Dada, and uh-oh

-Uses many, many signs to communicate with us

-Echoes lots of vocal sounds

-Can’t get enough of her brother, and copies EVERYTHING he does

-Climbs all over the house and playground

-Loves dogs, books, playing outside, coloring, and helping to empty the dishwasher

-Starting to get a stubborn streak and wants to do things herself, like buckling her car seat or high chair, or putting on clothes

Here are a few more pictures from the past two months:


A young Charlie being held by his older brother, Jeff. I love seeing how much Morgan looks like Charlie!

Top:  Can you tell she put on her own shirt?

Bottom:  Loading up her basket at the Children’s Museum, and feeding her animals as we empty the dishwasher

Lining up her monster trucks, and coloring the Paw Patrol pups

And here are the two sweet siblings who can’t get enough of each other!  I sure hope it lasts!


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