Happy 2nd birthday, Morgan Louise!

Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were swaddled in our arms? Our lives were forever changed the moment we brought you home, and we can’t even imagine life without you. Your sweet, caring, and inquisitive personality is tempered with a bit of stubbornness and independence, and we wouldn’t change a single thing about you.

Connor is your best buddy and my heart swells when you greet each other in the morning or after an absence!  You two truly love playing together, and I certainly pray that continues as you both get older.  I can’t deny that there are tough moments when you wreck something he built, grab his toy or book, or when Connor plays a bit too wildly with you, but you two have a deep love for each other that shines above the fray.

Daddy is your other best buddy, and I can’t help but smile when I think about the sweet and tender bond you two have. There’s no excitement quite like Daddy coming home from work each evening, and I just love watching you run into his arms to hug and kiss him. I look forward to watching Daddy be your guiding light as you mature.

Between your countless signs and your attempt to “say” everything, we are usually able to understand what you are communicating to us. Your favorites toys are Paw Patrol, Duplo, LEGO minifigures, and animals. You love to eat, and I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that you won’t eat. Just last night you scarfed down Daddy’s homemade cabbage rolls, and kept asking for more sauerkraut.

After reminiscing about your brother’s sleep habits at this age, I am still surprised by how well you sleep…knock on wood! Most nights you sleep all the way through, and if you do wake up, we just snuggle in the glider and you go right back to sleep. Naptime is a consistent 2-ish hours. After weaning two months ago, Mommy is still the one you want to put you to sleep for bedtime and naptime, but I can’t complain!

On your actual birthday, our family of four had cupcakes and sang to you. We will celebrate your birthday again and open gifts later this week because Gram and Grandpa are coming to visit!

If you are interested, you can read about Morgan’s 1st birthday here or her birth story here.

Here are a few recent pictures and a video:


img_7227She wanted to wear knee pads to the playground!
img_7226 I don’t have a mini-me, but at least there is finally some resemblance!

Morgan is practicing “Baa Baa Black Sheep”…with a little help from Connor!


Summer update

Summer is upon us! Connor has been out of school since May 25, and we have been enjoying our summertime so far.


Our last day playing on the school playground after school. We spent practically every afternoon here!

First and last days of Kindergarten

Connor “graduated” from Kindergarten and will start first grade at the public school this Fall. He is currently NOT excited about that, and anytime I bring up the subject, he says he wants to “do homeschool.” I think he’s nervous about being in a new place with new people. There are only two friends that he knows from Kindergarten who will attend his new school. On the bright side, when someone at the pool last week asked Connor what school he goes to, he sounded proud and confident when he answered, “Shelton Park!” I suppose it’s a step in the right direction!

In other Connor news, he now wears glasses. We had no idea he had any vision problems until his annual checkup this year. Connor was really excited to wear glasses, but the novelty has worn off and he usually forgets to wear them if we don’t remind him!

Connor completed his spring soccer season a few weeks ago. He liked his coached and teammates and had a lot of fun.

We have been getting into the swing of our summer routine, which includes morning swim lessons, one-on-one time for Connor and me while Morgan naps, afternoon pool or playground time, then two worn out kiddos watching a show while I get dinner ready. It’s rare during the school year for Connor and me to have time with just the two of us, so we have been trying to enjoy our opportunities this summer while Morgan naps. We spent the first week playing Monopoly every day, and lately we have been building Legos in his room.

Connor and Morgan are both turning into little fish! Last summer’s big accomplishment was for Connor to put his head all the way underwater, and this summer he really hit the ground running and has made a lot of progress. He is having a blast “swimming” on his own in the shallow end without floaties. Morgan wears a Puddle Jumper and was pretty hesitant the first time we went to the pool, but now she just jumps right in!

Morgan has grown up so much in the last few months. She is “talking” all the time! She says many, many words – in her own way – but between context clues and her signs we can usually understand what she is saying. She has been saying Mama and Dada for a while, but in April she added “Ah-nah!” for Connor, and finally last month started saying “Ah-nan!” for Morgan. She likes to do a “roll call” and calls out each of our names, waiting for us to say “here!” Morgan loves her brother and Daddy, books, LEGO minifigures, and Paw Patrol toys. (Oh, who am I kidding…she loves the Paw Patrol show, too.)

There were two big changes for Morgan last month. We converted her crib into a toddler bed because she was starting to climb, and I decided to bite the bullet and wean her at the same time. She has always nursed to sleep while rocking in the glider, so being able to actually lay with her in the toddler bed gave me an opportunity to create a new bedtime routine. Weaning her was bittersweet, but she actually transitioned really well. She has gone through phases of various bedtime shenanigans as I attempt to master a new routine, and every week seems to be a new adventure. First it was asking to go potty every five minutes and stuffing her stuffed animals behind the crib bumper. After we got over that hump, she spent several nights screaming for a Paw Patrol bandaid for her week-old boo-boo that had already healed. Her latest shenanigan is needing two pairs of socks – one for her feet and one for her hands. We are also running the gamut of ways to fall asleep: laying next to each other in her bed, laying on top of me in her bed, being held while I stand up, laying across my lap while rocking in the glider…or on Daddy’s lap in front of the TV because she wouldn’t go down for a nap. (Oh, and she sleeps through the night, while her brother still ends up in our bed most nights!)

Grandma Penny and Oma’s visit
My mom and grandma spent a week with us at the end of April/beginning of May. It was such a wonderful week, and we didn’t want to see them go! Many memories were made that will not be forgotten. Morgan was saying “Ah-ma” for Oma and signing “Penny” by the first day they were here, and she still “talks” about them. They got to see Connor’s spring program, and we also attended a performance of the Virginia International Military Tattoo.


Oma brought the best activity books for Connor!


Grandma Penny and Connor always read the Knuffle Bunny books when they are together

Reading and puzzles with Grandma Penny

Here are a few pictures before Connor’s spring program: 


Here are a few more pictures from the last two months:


Enjoying a lemon slice outside Dockside while we wait for our dinner with Grandma Penny and Oma


Copying Fozzie Bear’s tongue


Riding the train at the Zoo on Mother’s Day


These two really love spending time together. I hope it lasts!

Visiting the farm animals at a library event


February 2018

Where has the time gone? It has been about two months since my last update on the kiddos, and it’s unbelievable to look back and see how much they have both grown and developed in that short amount of time! They both keep us busy and there is certainly never a dull moment.

We enjoyed the Christmas holiday in Virginia with Charlie’s parents, sister, and her family. After a few days at his sister’s house, Charlie’s parents spent a week with us as well. That week was stretched out even further after we got slammed with a foot of snow and their flight home was cancelled! Connor loved playing in the snow, but poor Morgan couldn’t even walk in it because it was so deep. It stayed below freezing for several days, which meant nothing melted and we didn’t go to school for almost a week!

Reading with Granddad

Coloring with Grandma


Connor loves kindergarten and I am blown away by his developing reading and math skills. His teachers are wonderful and we are so happy with his school. It will be bittersweet to attend a different school next year. Connor and his class hosted a sweet Valentine’s Breakfast for families on Friday, and he is looking forward to his class party and card exchange next week.

Connor loved having Morgan in his classroom for his Valentine’s Breakfast!

Our little man is still as active as ever, and can be found creating obstacle courses with the couch cushions or playing tag daily! Thankfully he has a slower mode as well, and loves to read with us. His current favorite book series are Captain Underpants, Dog Man, and Magic Tree House.

Speaking of active…Miss Morgan is 18 months old and full of energy and personality! She is still quite the little climber, and cannot be easily deterred from scaling any obstacles in the house. She officially “runs” now, and Connor loves to try and play tag with her. At the playground, she loves to climb on the equipment and swing on her belly.

Morgan has her own “secret lab,” as Connor likes to call it. There is an end table and chair by the window where she brings all her new and exciting objects to further investigate and play with. I usually lose a cup or Tupperware container every morning as she “helps” empty the dishwasher and I find it later on her table, filled with small animal figures or play food.

Our little lady has been learning and developing like crazy. Her latest trick is peeing on the potty! I decided to get out the small potty just to use before bath time, but her interest took off from there. For about two days I felt like I couldn’t get her OFF the potty because she was so interested. Thankfully the novelty has worn off, so when she asks to go (by using the sign for “pee”), she just sits for a minute and does her business (or doesn’t), and then she’s ready to get down and move on with our day.

My favorite moments these days are hearing Connor constantly talk about his sister to other people when we are out, and hearing Morgan’s shrieks of delight when she sees Connor. I hope these two continue their close bond as they grow!

Here are a few more pictures from the last two months:


Morgan wearing a dress that my mom smocked for me when I was almost 2 years old!

My little exercise buddy

Enjoying the beautiful weather!

Does she look guilty?  She pulled a bag of bread off the kitchen counter and brought it to her “secret lab.”

Enjoying the beautiful weather!

These kids can’t get enough of their Daddy

I love when I catch her reading on her own!

We enjoyed a family day at the Aquarium


Getting ready to head to school for the Valentine’s Breakfast

August 30, 2017

Where oh where has my baby gone?? I look at 13-month-old Morgan and just can’t believe that we have this precious little lady in our lives. Morgan’s personality is bursting through and we are in awe of how much she learns each day.


Morgan is generally happy and full of smiles, and Connor is still the master at instigating her true “belly laughs.” She dances anytime she hears music, can lean in for a hug and a (very wet) kiss if asked, and will hold up her hand for a high five. She also still loves to play dress up with the clean laundry!

After reading to her every night, Morgan is finally at the stage where she is interested in books! Her current favorites are Pat the Bunny, Little Lion, and Doggies. It’s so cute to see her bring a book to me, sign the animal that’s in it, and plop down in my lap to read together.

Morgan loves to pull on Connor’s clothes!

Morgan’s signing has really taken off! I can’t even explain how much fun it is to see. We endured a week or so of madness when she was constantly holding out her arm and shrieking for things, but now she holds her arm out and then signs “please.” How can you say no to that?? The signs we see most often these days are “Daddy” and “water.” Boy does this little girl love those two things! To top it all off, we even witnessed her first 2-sign request recently: “Water, please!” Other signs Morgan uses include dog, lion, dinosaur, outside, diaper, and get dressed. We see “outside” all the time because she loves to beg to go out!


Signing “Daddy” while watching him mow the grass

Over the past month, Morgan has been waking up usually just once during the night! Her nighttime is generally 7:30pm-6:30/7:00am, and she takes two naps. When she wakes up in the morning or from a nap, I usually snuggle with her in the glider for a few minutes.  Sometimes she is ready to climb right off the glider and walk out the door!  She always stops and grins at me as she’s halfway off the chair because she knows I’m going to laugh, wave, and say, “Bye, Morgan!”

I used to have a little baby who only needed to breastfeed, and the next thing I know, I have a little girl who eats three square meals a day, plus a snack! She still nurses to sleep, and sometimes asks for milk during the infamous pre-dinner hour (during which all children seem to have a rough time handling life).

Although Morgan often plays well in the living room (with or without Connor), she is frequently a bit clingy while I’m trying to work in the kitchen, and I often end up preparing meals with her on my hip.  I think she’s mostly just curious to see what’s going on, and she wants to make sure she can sample a bite of everything!

Earlier this month, I thought I was going to need to add an eleventh Commandment: “Thou shalt not covet thy brother’s water bottle.” It started in the car, when I would give Connor his CamelBak bottle and Morgan her sippy cup. That crazy girl would throw her cup down and scream for Connor’s bottle! Being the generous brother that he is, he would give it to her once he was done drinking. This madness spread to the cups at the table as well. Deciding to leave nothing to chance, I bought two new CamelBak water bottles with the EXACT SAME design, and new sets of plastic cups with two of each color. This definitely goes on the list of “Problems I never had when I only had one child.” (But let’s be honest…I feel blessed beyond belief to be Mommy to these TWO kiddos.)

Big Brother
I can’t believe summer is almost over! Connor took a second session of swim lessons and further developed his skills. He’s still not swimming on his own, but he has gained a huge amount of comfort and confidence in the water, and is putting his head under like a little fish!

We have kept busy with trips to the playground or various parks, library activities, and of course, lots of LEGO building. Connor starts kindergarten on September 6th! He has been a little nervous, but he’s feeling much better after meeting his teachers and classmates at Open House.


Enjoying a morning at Mt. Trashmore Park


Chef Connor preparing “ice cream sundaes” at the library’s Restaurant Play event

Both kids had a blast another library event, Construction Play!


My two peas in a pod love riding in the wagon together!

Charlie’s sister and her family drove down from the Richmond area to spend a Saturday with us!  The guys (minus Connor) had plans to do the high ropes course at the Adventure Park.  The weather forecast was terrible, but they managed to squeeze in most of their reserved time before it stormed, and came home with vouchers to go back another time.  Meanwhile, the kids, Michelle, and I enjoyed a relaxing day playing at home.  Once the guys returned and got cleaned up, we all went to The Leaping Lizard for dinner.  It’s one of my favorite restaurants in town!  It was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Everything is so fresh and made from scratch.  Morgan enjoyed hearing the sound of her shrieks echo around the small restaurant, and we tried to spend as much time as possible walking outside and looking at the chickens before it was time to sit down and eat.


Connor and Morgan enjoyed lots of playtime with Aunt Michelle

Another Saturday in August was spent in Yorktown with my Aunt Jackie and her family. Jackie is my mom’s sister. She came to visit us after Morgan was born, but I can’t remember the last time I had seen her before then. She has four sons and several grandchildren, and I hadn’t ever met any of them before. Three of her sons were able to come with their wives, and two of the grandkids were there as well. We all enjoyed spending time with everyone, and hopefully we will see them again!


The Lohr Family!  From the left:  my cousin Greg and his wife Alison; my cousin Tom (very back) and his wife Carolyn (in front of him); my Aunt Jackie; Bryan’s son Kevin, my cousin Bryan, and his wife Suzanne (in front of them); Kathryn (Tom and Carolyn’s daughter), and us!

Charlie took a week of leave at the end of August, and we all enjoyed having Daddy home for a “staycation.”  Connor had lots of fun outings with Charlie, like going to the indoor trampoline park, building Legos, and doing the high ropes course at the Adventure Park!

Connor and Charlie loved their morning at the indoor trampoline park!  Connor’s favorite part is the foam pit and “Ninja Warrior” course.

Connor was so excited to finally tackle the ropes course!

Morgan is One Year Old! (July 30, 2017)

I can’t believe our sweet Morgan Louise is 1 year old! This year has flown by, and we have enjoyed every moment. It has been such a blessing to have Morgan in our lives. It has also been incredible to watch the sibling bond form between Connor and Morgan.

(Click here to read about Morgan’s birth.)

Morgan loves to play with balls, carries around as much as she can hold in her hands at a time, and is also known to start dancing anytime she hears music. She loves a cubby full of toys to dump out and/or climb into, and is still my little laundry fanatic. Morgan hasn’t given up her obsession with (clean) underwear, and can be seen most days with Connor’s underwear in her hands or on her head, or my underwear or sports bra draped around her neck. Morgan is growing into quite the sensitive little lady, and often cries if, for example, we tell her not to play in the trash can. (I know, we are such mean parents.)

The underwear thief in action!

20 lb 4 oz (37th percentile)
29.5 in (63rd percentile)

8 teeth total (2 new on top this month)

Morgan usually sleeps from 7/7:30pm until 6:30/7:00am, waking twice most nights, and takes two naps during the day.

Morgan’s current favorite food is fresh tomato from Charlie’s garden. She can’t get enough! She has been using the sign for “more” when we prompt her, but the first time she used it unprompted was while eating tomato. No time to beat around the bush – she needed more tomato ASAP! She gobbles it up every night, and I hope she will like “regular” tomatoes once the garden is done for the season.

Morgan still nurses to sleep, but she doesn’t nurse much outside of sleep times. She is quite the busy little girl, and doesn’t “need” to nurse nearly as often as Connor did at this age. I have started offering her water from a regular cup and she shrieks with delight when she sees the cup coming. Sippy cups, however, are still toys in her mind and she doesn’t get much water out of them yet.

While Morgan doesn’t consistently use all of these signs yet, we have seen her sign milk, bath, more, all done, ball, up, Daddy, water, bless you, and waving hi/bye. She also puts her arm up in an adorable “What?” gesture, and claps anytime someone says, “Yay!” or “Hooray!” Morgan loves to mimic sticking out her tongue, blowing raspberries (particularly with her brother), or leaning her head from side to side (one of her favorite dinnertime games with Daddy). “Bath” is my favorite sign that she uses right now. Instead of rubbing her hands on her own chest, she does it on me as I carry her upstairs to the tub! It’s so fun to see her initiate using a sign, such as going into the bathroom at a friend’s house and seeing her sign “bath” when she sees the tub!

Morgan signing “bath”

Morgan claps anytime she hears “Yay!” (Yes, the chair cushion is missing.  Connor loves to take them all off and “build” with them…)

Big Brother
There are certainly difficult moments in their sibling relationship, but the love and admiration that Connor and Morgan have for each other is overflowing! Nothing beats watching her face light up when she sees him first thing in the morning, or hearing her belly laugh when he does something funny. Most of the “problems” we encounter with their interactions are a result of Connor’s wildly energetic personality. He bounces around the living room with such vigor that Morgan often gets knocked over, etc. She usually doesn’t complain too much, and unfortunately for us she often laughs when Connor does something we have asked him not to do to her, which doesn’t help our case!

Summer is flying by, and it has been a miserably hot month. We have tried to keep busy and cool with a few trips to the pool and water park on base, a morning at the splash pad, some backyard fun, a family beach day, and lots of indoor library activities. Connor enjoyed two weeks of swim lessons, and progressed much more than I had anticipated. I felt like it would be a successful summer if he would willingly put his head underwater by the end…but he did it on the first day! That was a huge step for him, and it allowed him much more opportunity to progress throughout the rest of his lessons.

During the last week of July, Connor attended Vacation Bible School at the church where he goes to school. It was a fun week for him, and I didn’t realize what a nice opportunity it would be for me to have some quiet playtime with Morgan. She is a completely different “baby” than she was a few short months ago when he was in school, so it felt like a brand new experience to be home alone with her while Connor was away.

Singing on the last day of Vacation Bible School

Connor seems to have hit a developmental growth spurt. He has begun to acknowledge his wrongdoings on his own (most of the time!) and often takes it upon himself to apologize. He still has plenty of outbursts, but we are grateful that he is more aware of how his actions and choices lead to that point. It’s definitely still a work in progress!! We love our little bundle of energy!

Celebrations and Adventures
Charlie and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on July 7th! We enjoyed a quiet dinner at a great restaurant on the oceanfront. Meanwhile, our good friends Jes and Derek took wonderful care of our kids, along with their own four. It was the first time leaving Morgan with anyone besides family, but she did great! Phew, that means we might be able to go out again sometime!

We walked to the beach after our anniversary dinner

Charlie’s birthday was on July 15th. We went out to dinner as a family, and quickly realized that we have reached the phase of Morgan’s life where we will NOT willingly go to a restaurant again anytime soon! She will sit to eat (although restaurant high chairs can’t contain her the way her chair at home can), but it was almost impossible to wrangle her while waiting to eat. I can’t blame her – she just wants to explore everything – but next time we will just get takeout!!

July brought another work trip for Charlie. He flew to Orlando to spend 4 days at ClarinetFest, representing the Army and speaking to college professors about career opportunities for their students. He had a blast reconnecting with many old friends, colleagues, and students.

Meanwhile, the kids and I kept busy at home. Luckily, Connor had Vacation Bible School three of the mornings Charlie was gone, and we found activities to keep us entertained in the afternoons. I discovered the secret: stay out of the house as long as possible, and when we are at home, have a new LEGO project for Connor to work on. Otherwise, he creates his own fun with the couch cushions and literally bounces off everything around him, including his sister. Our friend Dae was in town for the weekend, so we got together with him and two other families on Saturday evening. We talked to Charlie on FaceTime one afternoon, and poor Morgan was distraught. She heard Daddy’s voice and saw his face and kept crying while trying to grab the phone. We were all happy to pick him up at the airport on Sunday, July 30th, which also happened to be…

Morgan’s First Birthday!!

To cap off the month of July, we celebrated Morgan’s birthday with friends. (The Eskanders hosted the Bannasches, our family, and Dae. It was the youngest Bannasch boy’s second birthday, and Dae’s birthday was a few days prior, so we had lots to celebrate. I think it’s worth mentioning that the Bannasch and Eskander families also celebrated Connor’s first birthday with us in Germany! We are all thrilled to be stationed together again.) Between the kiddie pool, sprinkler, hamburgers and hot dogs, and three birthday cakes, everyone had a good time. Connor was more than happy to “help” Morgan blow out her candle and open her gifts. He also built a LEGO cake topper for her cake! Morgan loved eating her cake. The next day we opened all of her cards from our relatives. I still can’t believe it has been a year since she came into our lives! We couldn’t imagine life any other way!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

We love you to the moon and back, and we are so lucky to call you ours!

Morgan is 11 months old!

June 30, 2017

It has been another eventful month for Morgan. She cut both top front teeth plus two more bottom teeth, for a grand total of six! She was a drooling mess (especially a couple weeks ago when she was also congested) and chews on everything. The next two teeth on top are ready to push through any day now.

We have a walker on our hands! I can’t bear to say “toddler” because it sounds too old, but she certainly toddles all over the place! She took her first step a month ago and has been working on her skills slowly but surely. These last two weeks weeks she has really taken off as a walker!

Morgan has used her first few signs. She does not use them consistently yet, but she has signed milk, more, all done, and ball. She also caught on to Connor and Daddy clapping at the dinner table and loves to join in! She loves peekaboo, and also likes to mimic Charlie smacking/popping his lips.

We have a little monkey in the house. Morgan loves to climb! She still likes to climb into any available container that she fits into, and especially loves climbing up and down the couch cushions with Connor. She can climb onto our dining chairs (well, thankfully only once so far), and loves to discover that she can stand on top of something to reach something else. Trouble is on the horizon!!

Connor was helping me mix something, and Morgan climbed right up to join us!

By the end of this month, Morgan settled into a nice nighttime pattern. She goes to bed between 7-7:30pm, usually wakes up once around 3-4:00am, and then goes back down until 6:30-7:00am. Sometimes she still pulls her stunt of waking up within 30-40 minutes after going to bed, but it’s definitely not happening every night like it had been. Most days she naps twice and usually goes down fairly easily. Sometimes she could still use a third snooze, but it’s tough to fit in these days.

We introduced a little bit of meat this month. Morgan loves chicken mashed up with avocado. Avocado, banana, pears, and blueberries are still among her favorites. I gave her tilapia once so far and she gobbled it up!

Big Brother
Connor has enjoyed his first month of summer! We have managed to keep busy enough that we don’t get cabin fever, but not so busy that we run ourselves ragged. We go to the library a couple times each week for classes such as Elementary Science and Garden Science. Surprisingly, we have only made it to the pool twice so far, but Connor and Morgan both had a great time. The weather has been awfully hot lately, and there is almost no shade at the playground down the street, so our time outside doesn’t last very long!

Connor received his first soccer trophy!

Planting a garden during a Garden Science class at the library; Connor built a tic-tac-toe set with Charlie at Home Depot

Connor always wants a chance to cuddle with Morgan!

Charlie went to Wisconsin from June 24th-26th for the International Double Reed Society’s annual conference. His woodwind quintet from the School of Music performed, and he had a great time catching up with old friends. Meanwhile, the kiddos and I kept busy at home. We had an afternoon at the pool, a day at the Children’s Museum, and plenty of LEGO-building!

Charlie’s quintet performing at IDRS

Enjoying the Children’s Museum

Connor built (most of) the Saturn V rocket while Charlie was gone!

Other adventures
Charlie was promoted to Sergeant First Class on July 1st!  Connor, Morgan, and I attended his short ceremony at work. Connor was excited to tear off Charlie’s old rank and put on the new one. We are so proud of all Charlie’s hard work and dedication!

Connor & Morgan before the ceremony (we haven’t yet received the photos that were taken during the ceremony)

We spent the weekend before July 4th with the Brockwells. Connor is becoming quite attached to them and was sad to come back home. He enjoyed two kayaking adventures with his cousins and Daddy, playing tag with his cousins, riding the tractor with Uncle Brock, watching Uncle Brock cut down two large pine trees, and staying up late to watch “fireworks” that his cousins set off. Meanwhile, I enjoyed napping twice a day with Morgan, and tagging along with her as she climbed up their two flights of stairs over and over! Charlie had the opportunity for several rounds of card games with his sister and nephew, and I even had the chance to join them for one game of Progression Rummy. Connor endured Morgan’s first poop-in-the-tub experience while at the Brockwells. He was not nearly as amused as I was. Aunt Michelle can add that to the list of Morgan’s “milestones” that have happened at her house, along with her first step last month, and cutting a new tooth.

Here are a few more photos from June:

Trying out my Pilates ring

First time wearing shoes to the park!


She loves to carry things around!

Morgan is 10 months old!

May 30, 2017

Our little lady lady looks so much more grown-up!  Charlie and I have both noticed her hair filling out, and just an overall “different” look to her. It’s so bittersweet! She had a busy month:

-Morgan can climb an entire flight of stairs! She finally had the opportunity to try at Connor’s preschool graduation while playing in the back of the church. She climbed right up like a champ! She also loves to climb on top of or into any tubs, laundry baskets, etc. that are nearby, or onto any shelves, or through/over/under anything you put there to block her…

-Morgan is standing very well on her own, and she took her first step on May 27th! Aunt Michelle couldn’t be happier that it happened at her house. Luckily, Charlie was nearby and he turned just in time to witness it with me.

-Morgan gets attached to one toy (or often a washcloth) and crawls around with it clutched in her hand while playing with other things. She doesn’t like to let go!  Last week she had a toy in each hand and Connor was trying to offer her a trade…but since her hands were full, she opened her mouth to try and accept the toy he was offering!

-Morgan’s vocabulary includes: dadadada, nananana, mamamama, vavavava, and assorted shrieks 🙂

-We played our first mutual game of peekaboo! I was in the backseat of the car with her and she was playing with Charlie’s hat. The next day she did it again with the shower curtain.

Morgan generally wakes up 2-3 times during the night. She normally goes back to sleep quickly, but sometimes when she wakes up around 4:00am it takes her a while to fully go back to sleep.

Morgan usually has 2 fairly solid naps a day, but occasionally 3 shorter ones. She falls asleep in her car seat easily these days, and I am glad for the infant car seat so that I can just carry her inside without disturbing her!

Morgan likes to eat! Towards the end of this month I finally started consistently offering more than one solid meal a day. She is used to picking up pieces of food and feeding herself, so when we started offering her a bite from a spoon she would just try to grab the food off the spoon. Now she eagerly opens her mouth to eat from a spoon, and still enjoys picking up food from her tray as well. Of the foods she has eaten so far, broccoli is the only food that she appears not to like very much. Pear, oatmeal, and blueberries seem to be her favorites!

Big Brother
Connor has really grown up a lot over these last few months. We definitely see fewer tantrums/meltdowns, he is SO eager to help anyone, and he is taking care of more tasks without prompting. And did I mention he asks A LOT of questions? I love our curious little man!


Connor is always looking for adventure!

Connor started playing soccer in late April, and this month he had a game every Saturday. He is one of the youngest and smallest kids on his 5-6-year-old team, but he has fun and tries hard!

One of Connor’s favorite activities with Morgan is bath time. He has graciously shared his bathtub space with her since the day she was big enough to bathe with him. (Actually, he was gracious enough to share the tub even when her baby tub was in there with him!) The icing on the cake is when it’s time to dry off. Connor has a hooded towel with a frog face, and Morgan absolutely goes nuts when he covers his head with it!  She shrieks, laughs, and flails her whole body. I love watching the two of them!​

I had the privilege of attending a Mothers Day Tea at Connor’s school. He presented me with a paper flower, and lead me to a table in his classroom where we shared cupcakes and lemonade. Connor gave me a handmade frame that he made in class, and then his class sang “I Love You, A Bushel and a Peck.”  It was such a sweet morning!

May 26th was Connor’s last day of preschool. I managed not to get emotional about it, probably because he will be attending the same church school for kindergarten next year!

Visitors and Adventures 
Grandma Penny and Oma were here from April 26th-May 5th. It was SUCH a wonderful week, and I missed them the moment they walked out the door. Many memories were made during their visit.

Morgan and I made a quick trip to Buffalo over Mothers Day weekend to visit four of my college friends: Tammy, Kris, Sue, and Tim. The five of us were close in college and played in a woodwind quintet together. Kris currently lives in Germany, so we all made the effort to get together while she was visiting her family in Buffalo! Morgan and I flew up there early Saturday morning and returned Sunday night. She did well on the flights – she napped some, as well as spending time making friends with everyone around her. While in Buffalo, we enjoyed a trip to Niagara Falls, dinner at The Rainforest Cafe, and relaxing with my friends. Four of us had babies within four months of each other, so it was fun to meet the little ones and see them interact!

Ready for takeoff!

Niagara Falls; out for a walk with our friends

While Morgan and I were in Buffalo, Charlie and Connor enjoyed a fun weekend together:  the Children’s Museum, the playground, and bowling!

Memorial Day weekend gave us another opportunity to visit the Brockwells. Connor LOVES spending time with his aunt, uncle, and teenage cousins! This visit, we enjoyed a day at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond on Saturday, followed by a relaxing and rainy Sunday at their house. Connor spent hours and hours building and playing with Legos with his cousins!

Having fun at the Science Museum: testing his speed, and experiencing hurricane-force winds

Here are a few more favorite photos from this month:

Enjoying a beautiful day in our backyard

Two peas in a pod!

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