Morgan is 2 months old!

September 30, 2016

Growth & Development 
Our little lady is filling out more and more each day. First it was her cheeks, and now the baby fat has made its way to her legs. She is 12.2 lb (86th percentile), 23″ long (72nd percentile), and is wearing 0-3 month clothes. Morgan holds her head up fairly well, and she loves to push with her strong legs.  An exciting development this month is that Morgan seems to be smiling in reaction to us (mostly Daddy, of course)!



Knock on wood, Morgan is still quite a reliable nighttime sleeper. She likes to go to bed at 9:00pm no matter how tired and fussy she is during the hours beforehand. She generally starts with a long stretch of 4-6 hours, and then has shorter stretches until the morning. Morgan’s naps are usually on me in the sling during the day while I continue on with Connor, cooking, laundry, etc. We recently discovered that she falls or stays asleep pretty easily in her bouncy seat. Morgan sleeps a lot between mid-morning and mid-afternoon, but outside of that she gives us some alert time to interact with her. The evening often brings an hour or so of “fussy time” and I usually take her out for a walk in the sling to calm her down.

Big Brother
Connor started school on September 7 and it has been smooth sailing for him! He was anxious all summer about going 4 days per week this year, but as soon as he started the first day, he was back in the groove. His first new friend that I heard about is a girl named Willow. She loves to play tag and hide and seek, plus she has a Frozen backpack…so it’s no wonder they were fast friends.

Connor loves to make up songs to sing to Morgan or sing along with me as I sing “You Are My Sunshine.” He jumps at the chance to throw away her dirty diapers or to help give her a bath, and still loves to hug and kiss her.

First day of school photos

Visitors and Adventures
My dad and stepmom visited from September 2-6. Connor enjoyed his first time fishing (in the lake by our house), and Charlie caught a fish with Connor’s Paw Patrol fishing pole! Charlie was gone the first 3 days my parents were here because he flew to Kansas for his Aunt Judy’s funeral. I was glad he was able to attend, and it worked out well that I had help from my dad and stepmom while he was gone. Once my parents left, Charlie went back to work (for the first time in a month), Connor started school, and we settled into our “new normal.”

Snoozing with Grandpa

Connor wasn’t sure he wanted to be anywhere near the fish!

We spent a weekend with Charlie’s sister and her family, and it was Morgan’s first time meeting any of her cousins! While staying at their house for the weekend, we made a side-trip to a Lego Fest near Richmond for part of the day. It wasn’t as huge and impressive as we had anticipated, but we still had a good time.

Ready to watch his Lego car race

Morgan is 1 month old!

August 30, 2016

It seems impossible, but Morgan is over 9 pounds already! Her newborn clothes and diapers still fit, but it won’t be long before we have to move up. Her cheeks have filled out a lot! Morgan’s neck is getting stronger each day and we love to see her lift up her head while laying on our chest.

Look how much those cheeks have filled out!  (August 29 on top; August 13 on bottom)

Showing off her neck muscles

Morgan still sleeps well…thank goodness!  Her alert times are definitely occurring more often and lasting longer, and we enjoy looking at her beautiful deep blue eyes while they are open. She sleeps anywhere from 2.5 to 5 hours at a time throughout the night. During the day, her naps aren’t quite as long as they used to be (especially if we lay her down), but she will sleep 2-3 hours while being held or carried in the sling.  Morgan has been extremely fussy in the evenings this past week.  She acts like she wants to nurse, but gets frustrated with the milk because she’s not actually hungry.  Usually a walk outside calms her down and helps her fall asleep.

Big Brother
Connor is definitely getting used to having Morgan in our family. He has learned to be gentle with his hugs and kisses, and he insists on finding out “what’s wrong with her” whenever she cries. He loves to make up songs to sing to her.  Connor is also getting used to Morgan’s nighttime grunts and other noises, so he isn’t waking up as often during the night.  Connor has been extraordinarily patient during Morgan’s toughest moments. Whether it’s a car ride with her crying or her evening fussy time, Connor seems to sense that I am dealing with enough at the moment and he just quietly waits for the moment to pass.

School starts for Connor next week! He told Charlie’s mom last week that he “doesn’t want to go,” so we will see what happens…

Charlie’s parents were here for the past week. We enjoyed time relaxing at home, and took trips to the Military Aviation Museum, Nauticus Museum/USS Wisconsin, and Mariners’ Museum. Charlie’s sister Michelle and her husband made a spontaneous trip last weekend (from their home near Richmond) to see us for a few hours. Michelle had surgery recently, and she was devastated that she couldn’t come visit immediately after Morgan’s birth due to her recovery. Michelle was so excited to finally meet Morgan and enjoyed lots of snuggles while she was here.

Here are two more of my favorite photos from this month:


Hanging out in the pouch sling

Fuzzy hair after a bath

Morgan’s Birth Story & 2-week Update

Morgan Louise Brokovich

July 30, 2016
6 lb 5 oz, 20 in


After a surprising and quick delivery with Connor (which you can read about here), I had been praying the last few weeks that this baby would give us enough warning to get safely to the hospital. Thankfully, that was in her plans!

I woke up around 4:00am on Saturday, July 30 feeling contractions. (I was 38 weeks and 3 days.) The contractions were not particularly intense, and were about 8-10 minutes apart. We had a false alarm about 10 days earlier, which helped me realize that these contractions were the real thing. I decided to get up, drink some water, and take a shower and see if the contractions continued, which they did. I woke Charlie and he got ready while I called our neighbors, who we had already arranged to take care of Connor when the time came. They have two kids ages 4 and almost 6, and Connor always has fun with them. It was so comforting to know that he was in good hands while we focused on welcoming our new baby into the world.

We drove to the hospital and were placed in a Labor & Delivery triage room. A nurse hooked up the external fetal monitor, and once she saw that everything looked fine, she left us for a while. She came back around 7:30am to check my cervix, and I was 4cm dilated and 70% effaced. She was starting to explain that I was right on the borderline of active labor when my water suddenly broke. We knew from experience with Connor that I would probably deliver quickly now that my water had broken. The nurse started putting in my IV. Although I didn’t want any routine fluids, I was supposed to have antibiotics 4 hours before delivery because I was positive for Group B Strep. I was pretty sure that we didn’t have 4 hours before delivery, but I didn’t argue!

While the nurse was working on my IV, our room was suddenly filled with a doctor, nurses, and an anesthesiologist explaining that the baby’s heart rate had dropped too low after my water broke, and if it didn’t come back up we would have to do an emergency C-section. My mind was spinning as we tried to process what was happening, but thankfully a nurse suggested that I turn over onto my hands and knees to see if that would relieve enough pressure on the baby to allow her heart rate to come back up. (The cord had wrapped itself pretty tightly around her body when she dropped down after my water broke.) After I changed positions, the baby’s heart rate soon came up high enough that we were out of the woods for an emergency C-section. We were so relieved! The doctor checked my cervix again and I was 6cm.

The doctor and nurses wheeled me down the hall to a delivery room, then helped me move over to the delivery bed. The doctor checked me again, and I was just about fully dilated. The contractions were coming quickly, and I could feel the baby moving down with each one. Within moments, the doctor said my cervix was completely thinned out and that I could bear down when I felt the need. Over the next couple of contractions, all of which came quickly, her head came out and then there she was! Morgan was born 45 minutes after my water broke.

The doctor put her on my chest immediately, and we were overwhelmed with joy to see our precious Morgan Louise for the first time. Once the cord stopped pulsing, Charlie cut it. Unfortunately, my repairs after delivery were more painful than the delivery itself. From what the doctor said, I had two tears that weren’t severe, but the location made one of them extremely painful to repair and required a catheter temporarily in place while the doctor was stitching. I’m grateful that I had Morgan on my chest throughout the repairs so that I could at least attempt to focus on her instead of the discomfort.

Once my stitches were finished, it was finally just Charlie, Morgan, and me for a little while. Charlie had already called our immediate family to let them know the good news. After about an hour, a nurse came to weigh and measure Morgan and give her a bath. Charlie watched and took pictures while another nurse helped me get cleaned up. It was probably about 3 hours after Morgan was born that we moved to a room in the Mother-Baby unit. Charlie stayed with us until late afternoon, then went home to be with Connor and wait for my mom, who drove up from Atlanta after Charlie told her about the birth.

Because I had been positive for Group B Strep and didn’t get the antibiotics before delivery, we had to stay 48 hours so that the pediatricians could keep an eye on Morgan. It felt like a long time, but I’m glad it wasn’t 72 hours like it was with Connor, which was for the same reason. Morgan latched on decently and nursed a bit during the first hour after birth, but the rest of the day and pretty much until the next morning she was incredibly sleepy. The pediatrician wanted to check her blood sugar by doing a heel prick before 3 of her feedings, but she was just so sleepy that it was hard to get her to latch on at all after getting her sugar checked. (I was told during this pregnancy that I did not have gestational diabetes, but when the pediatrician looked back at my lab results from the 3-hour glucose test, he felt like I should have actually been diagnosed with it, so that’s why he wanted to go ahead and check Morgan’s sugars.) Thankfully each reading was normal, although it was no fun to have her heel pricked so many times.

The day after Morgan’s birth, Charlie brought Connor and my mom to visit us at the hospital. I wanted to make sure that I had Morgan settled in her bassinet when they arrived so that I could focus on greeting Connor (after our first night apart ever), but after giving me a quick hug he just wanted to see and hold his baby sister! After some bonding time, we left Connor in the hospital room with my mom while Charlie, Morgan, and I went to a required discharge class down the hall.

Morgan and I were beyond ready to go home the next morning! Charlie came to pick us up and it was wonderful coming home to Connor and my mom. Morgan took a long nap in her bassinet after we got home, and I was grateful for the chance to focus on Connor. Overall it has been a fairly smooth transition for him so far, but we certainly had a few tough moments the first couple of days at home. Charlie took time off on top of his paternity leave, so he will be home during the entire month of August! His parents are coming to visit later this month, and my dad and stepmom are planning to visit soon as well.

Morgan Louise, we are so blessed to have you in our lives!

img_4764 img_4762



Morgan’s 2-week update (August 13)
Morgan is 2 weeks old today!  Time has flown by and we have enjoyed every moment with our little girl.

Morgan’s 2-week checkup isn’t until later this week. At her 4-day checkup she was on track to regain her birth weight in no time. She is still wearing newborn-size clothes and diapers. Although Morgan hasn’t appeared to have put on any fat on her little arms and legs, we have seen a big change in her face

Morgan has slept like a champ since the day she was born. At night she has one long stretch between 4-5.5 hours, and outside of that she sleeps 2-3 hours at a time throughout the night and day. She generally has an alert period in the morning and sometimes again in the late afternoon. Of course she loves to sleep in our arms, but she also has no problem sleeping in her bassinet, car seat, or while being carried in the ring sling. I am amazed at how easily we can transfer her while she continues to sleep (from our arms to her bassinet, in and out of the car seat, etc.), and I hope that continues!  So far, Morgan can sleep through any amount of noise. The day we brought her home we started right in with digging through Lego containers, using the Vitamix, and vacuuming.

“Sleep when the baby sleeps” doesn’t work as well with a 4-year-old in the house!  I am so grateful for Morgan’s long stretches of sleep at night, but I can’t take advantage of her final morning stretch because Connor is up early and ready to play. Charlie and I have been staying up late watching the Olympics, so once they are over, I will be able to go to sleep earlier and make up for the morning sleep I’m missing out on!

Nursing has definitely been easier the second time around. We established a good latch after a couple days, and my milk started coming in the day we came home from the hospital. Morgan often falls asleep while nursing, but doesn’t stay latched on after falling asleep like Connor did at this stage.

Big Brother
Connor loves his baby sister!  She has made the transition easy on us by sleeping long stretches and letting us put her down to sleep so that we can still focus on Connor.  He likes to hug her, kiss her, and look at her “bright eyes” when they are actually open. He gets upset first thing in the morning when he isn’t allowed to hug Morgan because she is still sleeping peacefully!  Connor refers to her as “my baby,” and also likes to include her as a character in all of his (constant) role-playing.

This week, my friend Melissa offered to pick Connor up and keep him for the day. He had a blast playing with her two kids, and meanwhile Charlie and I had a much-needed nap with Morgan, a lunch date, then relaxed on the couch snuggling with Morgan and watching the Olympics.

Connor starts 4-year-old preschool after Labor Day and is nervous about going 4 days each week (9:30-1:00)  instead of just 2 days like last year.  I hope he will enjoy the time being out of the house and having fun with friends!

We were so lucky to have several meals brought to us by friends throughout our first 2 weeks at home with Morgan. It was such a relief to not worry about cooking!  Connor was spoiled with many “big brother gifts” from friends and family…and a few from us, too. My mom was here the first week after Morgan’s birth, and Charlie’s parents will be here in a week. Another special visitor was my German teacher!  She was visiting the states and spent a week in Virginia Beach with another family that we had been stationed with in Germany.

Morgan has slept through every outing we have taken so far:  playground, library, Target, lunch at a restaurant, and the commissary.

August 5


August 8


August 8

Auf Wiedersehen, liebe Deutschland…

Wow, what an incredible 3 years. I can’t even begin to express how blessed I feel to have spent this time in Germany. We have explored as much of Europe as we could, created relationships with my German relatives, and watched Connor grow up in this amazing country. If it weren’t for family back in the states, I think we would be perfectly happy to stay!

On the other hand, we are ready to live closer to our families in the United States. It’s time for Connor to create experiences and memories with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. For the next 3 years, Charlie will be the clarinet instructor at the Army School of Music in Little Creek, Virginia. We are thrilled about the opportunity, as well as the chance to be stationed with old friends!

Here are some thoughts about leaving Germany and returning to the United States:

I will miss…
-our German relatives
-our landlord, Inge, who was like another Oma to Connor
-our friendly German neighbors
-Connor’s gym and music classes
-traveling all over Europe
-asking Connor where we are going when he pretends to drive me somewhere and hearing answers like, “Luxembourg!”
-going on a typical walk in beautiful Hochspeyer and seeing chickens, horses, goats, deer, trains, and tractors
-fresh bread from the bakery
-family-owned restaurants and delicious food
-seeing people enjoying the outdoors with their families on Sundays and holidays
-my German class, teacher, and classmates
-having such a small trash bin because almost everything is picked up from our house for recycling
-Christmas markets (and Glühwein!)

I can’t wait to…
-live closer to family
-pay for gas at the pump
-have a dishwasher and closets
-plug anything in without worrying about voltage or watts
-use a clothes dryer that doesn’t take 2 hours

And lastly, a few photos as we prepare to leave Germany:

Spending time with Nina on our last visit to Hirrlingen

Our last Musikgarten class with Frau Baum (L to R:  Adam, Connor, David, James, Henry)

Playing in the roll of cardboard while the movers pack!

Uh oh, I hope Connor doesn’t get shipped with the couch!

Last gym class…a welcome break after watching the movers pack all day (Connor and his teacher, Ingrid)

Playing in the empty house before heading to the airport

Passed out for a nap after finding out that our flight was delayed 24 hours…So thankful we still had our house and air mattresses to come home to for the night! (He’s wearing his 1FCK soccer jersey from our landlord)

More adventures in our empty house…He was getting all the “materials” to make “meatloaf batter.”

This was the first day in our house, wearing an outfit our landlord gave as a housewarming gift. Those thighs!!  (August 2012)

We will never forget the memories we have created here. Tschüss!

Vienna & Prague (April 9-12, 2015)

It’s spring break for the schools, so Charlie was able to take time off this week. After being home from the Netherlands for two days, it was time to hop in the car and start our next adventure. We left Thursday around 8:00am and didn’t arrive in Vienna until after 5:00pm.  After checking into our hotel, we walked about ten minutes to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. There was a Mass going on, so we were only able to look from the back, but it was still impressive. We continued our walk and saw the Opera House, which was broadcasting Die Rosenkavalier live out front on a huge screen!  How amazing to just stop (on a beautiful evening, no less) and listen to incredible live music for free?

Watching a few minutes of Die Rosenkavalier outside the Wiener Staatsoper

Starving and tired (especially Connor, who wouldn’t take a nap in the car today), we found a restaurant for dinner. I had an authentic veal Wiener Schnitzel, Charlie had a stuffed pork schnitzel, and Connor continued his new trend of pretty much only eating French fries when we are at a restaurant. (He had to balance out the 3 fruit pouches he had for a snack earlier🙂.)  Back to the hotel…time for bed! Lots to squeeze in tomorrow!

After an early wakeup from Connor, we were dressed, done with breakfast, and ready to checkout of the hotel by 8:30am.  Our first destination was the cemetery on the outskirts of the city, so we took a tram to get there. The cemetery was huge, but we had a map showing us the area where the famous musicians were buried. We saw graves for Beethoven, Brahms, von Suppe, Schubert, Schoenberg, Johann Strauss, and Ligeti. There was a high school orchestra group that was also walking around the cemetery.  They were from Walton, which is outside of Atlanta and not too far from where I went to high school. Small world!  Connor enjoyed carrying a stick through the cemetery and pretending to dig and do some gardening everywhere he could.

Gravesites of Beethoven, Brahms, and Schubert
IMG_4635 IMG_4638IMG_4634

We boarded the tram and got off at Heumarkt, where there was a beautiful fountain and Russian WWII memorial. Connor ran around for a bit before we continued to sightsee. We walked to see a Beethoven statue, the Konzerthaus, and the shop at the Opera House. With Connor asleep on my back, we went to the Haus der Musik, an interactive museum with exhibitions on the Wiener Philharmonik, composers, sound production, and more. Connor woke up partway through, and he had fun with some of the interactive displays. Holding a special baton, he conducted a video of the Wiener Philharmonik playing Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. The audio and video was controlled by his baton!  The look on his face was priceless. We also spent a while with another interactive exhibit exploring the sounds of various instruments.

Fountain and the Russian WWII Memorial

Beethoven Statue

By now we were all starving and getting cranky. Connor and I stayed to play near another fountain while Charlie went to look at a sheet music store. We found an Italian restaurant and Charlie and Connor each ordered pasta dishes. I only got a small salad, thinking that I would share Connor’s tortellini, but he only left me about two bites. Hungry boy!  We walked a couple blocks to look inside the Austrian Academy of Sciences, but the man said it was closed…even though he let others in right after us. There was a Jesuit church in the same square, so we walked inside and were not disappointed with the ornate interior.

It was almost 3:00, so we decided to head back to the hotel and get our car.  There was certainly much more we could have seen in Vienna, but we had more than a 3-hour drive to Prague ahead of us.

By the time we arrived, parked, checked in, and got settled in our room, we were more than starving for a late dinner. After finding an ATM to get the local currency, we went to an Italian restaurant right next door to our hotel. Charlie and Connor each had a pasta dish, and I had an amazing salad with arugula, beets, roasted potatoes, pumpkin seeds and whipped goat cheese. Connor was a perfect gentleman during dinner, and the poor guy passed out almost immediately once we finally laid down for bed at 10:30pm.

Our day began with breakfast at the hotel and then a short walk to the Old Town Square. It was one of the most amazing town squares we have seen!  We admired the astronomical clock for a few minutes and watched as it chimed the hour, then meandered through the square to admire the other buildings. It was the last weekend for the Easter Market, so the square was filled with stalls selling all kinds of food, crafts, and souvenirs. We walked into the impressive Church of Our Lady before Tyn, then stopped in the square again to enjoy some live music. Next we walked to the top of the clock tower on the Old Town Hall and admired the view.

Astronomical Clock

Old Town Square from the top of the clock tower (Church of Our Lady before Tyn in the center)

The weather was perfect today!  High 60s, a slight breeze, and enough clouds that the sun wasn’t beating down on us all day. It’s amazing how last weekend we were bundled up to sightsee in Holland, and today we broke a sweat with no jackets!  We walked a few minutes to the Jewish Quarter, but the cemetery and all of the synagogues were closed because of a Jewish holiday. From there we crossed the river (admiring the view of the Charles Bridge, which we would cross on our way back) and strolled uphill through the Little Quarter. It was quite a hike!  We stopped to look inside St. Nicholas Church, then continued uphill.

Charles Bridge behind us

Finally we arrived at the Prague Castle, which is an impressive complex of buildings surrounding St. Vitus Cathedral. We toured the inside of the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, and an armor display. Connor finally fell asleep before our last stop, St. Vitus Cathedral. It was massive!  We took our time enjoying the interior, then headed outside to the castle courtyard to find lunch. As we strolled past the stalls of food deciding what to try, we ran into another family from Charlie’s unit!  We chose our lunch and talked to Stu and Ekaterina while we ate. I had a huge fried potato pancake topped with sauerkraut, and Charlie had dumplings with sauerkraut. Connor woke up and ate some of the dumplings but wasn’t into the potato pancake.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Refreshed after eating and taking a break from walking, we started the trek down the hill. We crossed the river on the famous Charles Bridge, which was packed with tourists, musicians, artists, and souvenir carts. Connor was particularly excited about our next destination:  the Lego store we had spotted last night!  Connor had fun looking at all the sets and playing in the giant container of Lego pieces.  Next we went back to our hotel to relax for a bit.  I love seeing all of Connor’s energy and creativity once he finally has the freedom to play on these long sightseeing days!  He always manages to find so much to do in our hotel rooms. We lucked out with another huge room!  Well, Charlie might not exactly agree, since it is a loft room with low and angled ceilings🙂.

Two of my friends visited Prague recently and they both went to a train restaurant which sounded like lots of fun. I looked it up and was able to make a reservation for tonight.  There are model trains running all around the restaurant!  Every table is next to part of the tracks, and your drinks arrive on the back of a train car! Connor had fun watching the trains, and we all enjoyed our food. Connor ate just about every bite of his soup from the kids menu, which had carrots, pork, and little noodle dumplings.  Charlie and I both ordered the same dish, which was good, but not at all what we were expecting!  The English translation in the menu was something like “fried wheat pancakes with beans, spicy pork, and cheese.” It turned out to be similar to southwest egg rolls, complete with salsa for dipping. Connor and I were in heaven with our desserts (and we even shared some with daddy). Connor had a kids sundae with gummy bears on the bottom, and I had a sundae with coffee ice cream, dried figs, and chocolate sauce.

Ready for dinner!  See the train track next to us?

After dinner we looked at a few more Easter Market stalls as we walked through Wenceslas Square. They were selling a lot of the same items that we saw this morning in the Old Town Square, so I picked out a hand-painted egg ornament and a beautiful table covering that I had my eye on earlier. We walked back to the hotel and relaxed before bed. Time to head home tomorrow!

After breakfast at the hotel, we walked about half an hour south along the river to the Vyšehrad Cemetery to find the graves of Dvorak and Smetana. We didn’t realize the cemetery was on top of a hill! Charlie’s back was killing him, and my shoulders and hips were tired from hauling Connor on my back, but we made it. Luckily there was a map to show us the grave locations. It was a long walk back to the hotel, but we were grateful for nice weather again.

Smetana and Dvorak’s gravesites

It was around 12:30 when we started our journey home. We only made two quick stops and made it home just after 6:00pm.  We had such a fantastic weekend, but we are ready to relax!  No more trips on the horizon…it’s time to start getting things organized for our big move back to the states this summer…

Holland and Antwerp (April 3-6, 2015)

I have been dying to take a trip to Holland to see the tulips, and I’m thrilled we had the opportunity to go! We decided to stay all 3 nights in Rotterdam and take day trips from there to see Utrecht, the tulips, Zaanse Schans, and Amsterdam.

We made it to the city of Utrecht around 1:00pm, which was just under a 5-hour drive. Our first stop was the Dutch Railway Museum, which turned out to be even more fun than we thought it would be!  We started with sort of an amusement park “ride.”  There were a few startling moments when we were about to run head-first into an oncoming train, but luckily Connor enjoyed it and wasn’t too scared!  Next we walked through an area with an audio-guide depicting some of the railroad history for The Netherlands. We began by stepping into a “time machine” which jostled us around, and it felt like we were stepping back into the early 1800s. Afterwards, we went outside so Connor could ride the mini-train. We loved watching him smile and wave as he rode past us!  Across the tracks was a small play area with slides, and Connor enjoyed running around there for a few minutes.  We looked in the gift shop and grabbed a quick sandwich in the cafeteria before walking back to the car.

Dutch Railway Museum (Het Spoorwegmuseum)


Our next destination was the Dom Tower in Utrecht. I found out that you could only climb the tower with a guided tour, so I had already bought tickets online for the English tour at 3:30. We found a parking garage and walked to the tourism office to pickup our tickets, arriving with a few minutes to spare before the tour started. There were only 465 steps in this tower🙂. For me, it was one of the easiest climbs we have done because Connor decided he wanted to ride on daddy’s back!  33 less pounds for me to carry!  (He fell asleep shortly after we started walking up.)

Dom Tower

Climbing the tower

View from the top

We enjoyed the views from the top of the tower, then walked back down to see a little more of the city. Unfortunately, one of us dropped Charlie’s hat as we were picking up our backpack from the locker in the tourism office, and once we realized it was missing a few minutes later, the office was closed for the evening! He found a new hat at a nearby store, and Connor was thrilled that he and daddy “matched” since both of their hats now have a “puff ball” on top. The other disappointment was that the Dom was already closed by the time we came down from the tower, so we never saw the inside of the church. Utrecht was a beautiful city to walk through. There was a canal running through, and buildings on either side were just inches from the water.  We found Starbucks for our souvenir mugs, then Charlie navigated us flawlessly back to the car even though I had no clue where we were.


The Tour de France will come through Utrecht this summer!

Next we drove about 45 minutes to our hotel in Rotterdam. After parking, checking in, and finding our room, we were more than ready to find some dinner. The hotel restaurant was overpriced, so we walked a few blocks to find a restaurant. The first few that we walked into were crowded and didn’t have any open tables, so we just decided to order our food to-go from an Italian restaurant. Connor certainly didn’t mind having a scoop of strawberry gelato while we waited for our food!  Thank goodness for the time change last weekend…it was late in the evening but still light out as we walked back to the hotel!  We shared salad and calzones before getting ready for bed. Connor’s favorite activity in the hotel room so far is playing with his “ladder,” which is the wooden tray that fits across the bathtub. Love his creativity!

My original plan was to see the tulips in Lisse this morning, but it was supposed to rain, so we decided to go ahead and see Amsterdam today instead. We all slept in until just after 8:00, then got ready for the day.  The hour-long drive was thirty minutes longer with all of the traffic as we got into Amsterdam.  We finally arrived at the parking garage near the central train station, walked into the train station to find Starbucks (to add to our mug collection!), then waited in a long line for the restrooms. Once outside, we managed to navigate through the sea of people and find the tourist center to pickup a map.  It was probably almost 1:00pm by now, and we were finally ready to see Amsterdam. It started to rain lightly, but thankfully it stopped and cleared up. It felt glorious when the sun was out, but it was definitely still cold when it was cloudy!

Our first destination was the Anne Frank House. I tried to buy tickets online before our trip and they were sold out, so we did not have high hopes of actually being able to get into the museum. Along the way, we stopped in a toy store to look for a few minutes, stopped at a bakery to pickup sandwiches for lunch, and walked through Dam Square. Connor enjoyed listening to the bagpiper at Dam Square!  We walked across several canal bridges and enjoyed the views. Once we arrived at the Anne Frank House, our suspicion was confirmed:  the line was winding around the block!  Content with the scenic tour we had on the way to the Anne Frank House, we weren’t too disappointed that we couldn’t actually go in. Meanwhile, Connor had been riding on Charlie’s back for quite a long time and he was perfectly content.

Anne Frank statue

Sights as we walked around Amsterdam
IMG_4417 IMG_4448 IMG_4452

We continued our walk to the Begijnhof, a courtyard with a chapel surrounded by medieval buildings. It was such a quiet, beautiful, and serene place…quite the welcome change after the crowds we had been walking alongside all day. Did I mention how many people were in Amsterdam??  The sidewalks were completely packed. Connor was ready to get down and walk, and this courtyard was a perfect place for him. We made a quick exit when he realized he needed to go potty, and we made a beeline for the nearest restaurant. Crisis averted, we turned down a main shopping street that was completely packed with people. We stepped inside a cheese shop and all enjoyed sampling a delicious variety of cheeses. Charlie picked out a cheese with chilies in it, and I chose to buy a jar of specialty mustard. Energized after our cheese-sampling snack, we managed to make our way through the crowds of people until we reached Dam Square again.


From there we walked a bit further and saw a church. Not in the mood to pay just to see inside a church, we walked around the outside instead. Suddenly we heard the drumline of a marching band, and we rushed to the street corner to catch a quick glimpse as the band marched by! As we continued walking through the area surrounding the church, we realized we were in the Red Light District. Luckily, Connor conveniently always had his head turned away from the “sights.”

The skies were turning ominously gray, the wind was getting colder, and we felt like we had experienced Amsterdam, so we decided to head to our car. Just as we started driving, the rain came down!  We really lucked out!  Amsterdam had some beautiful buildings and areas to see, but it was just so crowded.  We were also amazed by the number of bicyclists. There are designated lanes for bikes between the road and sidewalks, so walking can be especially treacherous. There are even parking garages just for bikes!

Amsterdam Central Train Station, and its bike parking lot!
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Happy Easter!  Our day began with the little man full of energy at 6:15am. At 8:00am we went to the lobby of the hotel for an Easter egg hunt. Connor had fun collecting chocolate eggs, and then we got into our car and drove 45 minutes to the Keukenhof gardens in Lisse. Unfortunately, the tulip fields were not actually blooming yet, but there were plenty of orchids, hydrangeas, daffodils, and many other flowers. We all had fun in the central area where we climbed up a windmill, ate a fresh and warm Dutch Waffle (“Stroopwafel”), took pictures with Dutch ladies, watched traditional Dutch dancing, and sat on an old tractor. Connor was thrilled beyond belief to sit on the tractor, and he just wanted to do it again and again.

Posing with the Dutch ladies


Enjoying the flowers with Daddy

Just imagine the whole field filled with tulips…too bad we came too early in the season!

Finally we were able to continue on from the tractor and see more of the gardens. We also came across an animal area, and we all had fun looking at the peacock, pigs, goats, ducks, and chickens. Connor played on a nearby playground for a few minutes before we finished walking through the gardens. We were all starving and Connor was beyond exhausted, so we grabbed a “Dutch hotdog” from a food cart on our way out (it was basically a red smoked sausage…nothing special).  Getting out of the parking lot took so long that Connor fell asleep before we even got out!  Thank goodness he took a nap…things were getting a little dicey this morning🙂.

With the little man fast asleep, we drove a little over half an hour to Zaanse Schans, an area along the Zaan River full of old windmills, traditional crafts, and souvenir shops. We were lucky to have absolutely gorgeous weather today, and that made our time at Zaanse Schans even more enjoyable. We especially loved walking past the windmills and looking across the water at the beautiful homes. The demonstration on making wooden shoes was neat, too. Connor was still asleep for most of our time there, but he was awake to see the big tools and machines used for the wooden shoes. Zaanse Schans was an area I was really excited to see, and I’m so glad Charlie enjoyed it, too!  He said it was what you would typically imagine when you think of Holland.

Windmills at Zaanse Schans
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After driving an hour back to our hotel in Rotterdam and letting Connor run around the room for a bit, we went to the restaurant in the hotel for dinner. We all enjoyed the meal, as well as our view of the Erasmus Bridge and the harbor. Right before bed, the poor little man dropped his beloved wooden bathtub tray (his “ladder”) onto his pinky toe. It was immediately an interesting shade of gray/purple, but thankfully he felt better after some snuggling and ice.

Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam

Note to self:  don’t sneak away from your sleeping toddler at 6:00am to use the bathroom unless you want him to wake up and not go back to sleep. After getting ready, packing, and jumping on the huge pile of hotel pillows a few times, we were ready to say goodbye to our Rotterdam hotel. Our next stop was Antwerp, Belgium, which was about an hour away. Connor had his heart set on a Belgian waffle ever since we told him we were stopping in Belgium🙂. He also kept asking if we would see “that instrument,” and I finally realized he remembered the Hang player that we saw outside the bell tower in Brugges last year (similar to a steel pan, but with a much more mellow timbre).

We parked right in the center of town and walked to the Grote Markt, basically the big town square. The view was majestic and we were certainly ahead of the crowd today, for a change. First we found the tourism office to pickup a map, then toured almost the entire old town area as we searched for a restroom and an ATM. Next we toured the Cathedral, which was beautiful of course. By the time we finished there, we were sure Connor was ready for a nap. With him strapped to my back and a small chocolate egg from Leonidas in his belly (and all over my back), we started the long walk to the central train station. Connor jabbered the whole way there. The train station is absolutely spectacular!  The outside was impressive, but the inside was just incredible.

IMG_4611 IMG_4620

Antwerp Central Train Station
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On our way back to the center of town, we stopped at a bakery to pickup a quick lunch to-go. I enjoyed my spinach quiche with Brie and offered to share, but Connor chose to hold out for the waffle cart down the street. The three of us shared a warm Belgian waffle covered in chocolate sauce. Yum!  We finally arrived back to the center of Antwerp, wandered around the fabric market taking place in the Groenplaats, and stopped for a few dried apricots and enormous Medjool dates at the dried fruit stand.  We found our car and drove about 20 minutes east of Antwerp to a shopping mall that has a Lego store. Unfortunately, it was closed for Easter Monday!  Thankfully the boys weren’t too disappointed. Now it’s time to head home…

We had a smooth and uneventful trip home. Connor hadn’t napped all day and woke up too early this morning, so he was asleep in bed before 7:15pm!  Because it is currently spring break for the military schools, Charlie was able to take another weekend pass for next weekend. Vienna and Prague, here we come!

Salzburg, Garmisch, & Neuschwanstein Castle (March 13-16, 2015)


We are off to Salzburg, Austria!  Our directions said it should be a 5-hour drive, but after 3 stops and a little bit of construction traffic, it took about 7.  Connor didn’t nap until the last hour!  By the time we parked, walked a few blocks to our hotel, and checked in, it was already close to 5:00. We lucked out with a big hotel room: a double bed, two single beds, and room to play! We walked across the bridge to meander around the Old Town area and saw the outside of the house where Mozart was born, picked up a souvenir Starbucks mug, walked inside a church, and saw a statue of Mozart. For dinner we found a small Italian restaurant. Connor chose gnocchi and devoured almost all of it. Charlie enjoyed his calzone and I had an omelette with roasted potatoes. After relaxing a bit at the hotel, it was time for bed!

The yellow house is where Mozart was born

Connor slept until 8:30, which is pretty late for him. We got ready, checked out, and walked back to the parking garage to drop off our suitcase. Next we walked a few minutes to a cemetery, stopping along the way to pickup breakfast at a bakery. At the cemetery we saw the graves of Mozart’s wife and father, and Carl Maria von Weber’s mother.

We walked across the river and found the house where Mozart was born, toured the museum inside, then went back across the river and toured a house where he lived later in life.  Next we walked about 10 minutes to the Dom, which was absolutely gorgeous inside. It was destroyed by a bomb during WWII and was rebuilt in 1959. A few minutes later, we arrived at the Festungsbahn, a funicular train to take us uphill to the Hohensalzburg Fortress. We enjoyed walking through the grounds (and Connor enjoyed running in circles around a tree and climbing on rocks) before heading back down the hill for lunch.  We had a delicious lunch at a Bräuhaus: beer-cheese soup with pretzel pieces, and beef gulasch with a bread dumpling. Connor inhaled pretty much all of my dumpling, but luckily Charlie shared a few bites of his with us. It was time to walk to the car and head a little over 2 hours to Garmisch, a town nestled in mountains of Germany’s Bavarian region.

Walking across the bridge


Looking up at the Dom ceiling

Views from the Hohensalzburg Fortress

It was a little after 5:00pm when we arrived at the Edelweiss Lodge in Garmisch, a lodge and resort for military and dependents. The drive was picturesque, and the houses look just like what you would imagine for a town at the base of the ski slopes. Edelweiss Lodge is gorgeous!  Our room has a vaulted ceiling, two queen beds, plenty of space, and a balcony.  Connor spent a while running around and playing in the wardrobe, pretending that it was his bed, and also pretended to fix things in the room. Eventually we went downstairs to get some info about tomorrow’s adventure up the Zugspitze, then had dinner at the buffet. Connor has been asking for Spätzle for two nights in a row, and here we are in Bavaria, but tonight‘s buffet menu was BBQ. He found plenty of French fries and bread to fill him up, and tried some pulled pork.  After dinner it was time for bed!  He was exhausted from not having a nap, and fell right to sleep at 8:00.

View from our hotel room in Garmisch

After grabbing a quick breakfast at the hotel’s coffee shop, we drove down the road to the train station. It was time to begin our ascent of the Zugspitze, Germany’s tallest mountain!  We rode the cog train about 15 minutes up the base of the mountain, then got off to switch to the Eibsee cable car. There was a line and we had to wait a bit, but we met another American family in front of us and enjoyed talking to them while we waited.  Connor thought the mom was his new best friend!  We were packed like sardines in the cable car, but managed to enjoy the view as we rode to the top of the mountain.

Here comes our cable car!

View from the cable car

As I’m sure you can imagine, it was COLD up there!  I think I heard Charlie say it was -9 Celsius, and there was plenty of wind on top of that. Connor loved playing in the piles of snow while Charlie and I tried to take in the incredible view…which was a little difficult, between the sun glare and trying to keep one eye on the little man. Once we had enough of the cold, we went back inside to look in the gift shop, where Connor picked out a souvenir “snow groomer” toy. We had lunch in Germany’s highest restaurant, enjoying our booth by the window. I had spinach-cheese dumplings served with creamed cabbage and had no complaints!  Charlie had gulasch soup and shared some white sausages and a pretzel with Connor.  We took the cable car down the mountain, and then had about 30 minutes to wait before the next cog train left. I managed to bounce around outside long enough for Connor to fall asleep before we boarded the train. Our new friends that we met on the cable car ride up were on this train as well. Connor woke up just in time to say goodbye to them before we got off at our stop.

Views from the top of the Zugspitze (the golden marker is the highest point)

Riding the cog train after we came down the mountain…Naptime while traveling is getting a little cumbersome!  I usually carry him on my back, but when he gets tired he likes to snuggle🙂

We decided to drive to the center of Garmisch and walk around some stores we had noticed as we drove in yesterday. Just as we approached the shops, Charlie asked what day it was. Oops, it was Sunday, so all the shops were closed!  Instead, we drove to the Olympia Stadium, which was used when Garmisch hosted the 1936 Winter Olympics. We relaxed inside for a little while and watched people ice skating, and as a bonus for Connor, we also got to see the zamboni smooth the ice!  We also looked at the hockey rink inside the building.


Once we got back to our hotel, we found the playground outside. Connor had fun letting off some steam, and especially loved tromping through the snow and mud. The weather was absolutely beautiful today: sunny and almost 50 degrees. After some playground time, we walked a few minutes across the main road to Artillery Kaserne. We didn’t even know there was an Army base in Garmisch!  It is definitely a small one. We walked through the tiny commissary and then the BX. Of course, Charlie managed to find two Lego sets that we couldn’t live without, and I picked out a floor puzzle for Connor.

We walked back to our hotel room and Connor put together his entire puzzle, taking breaks here and there to play with his snow groomer. Then we went downstairs and had dinner at one of the hotel restaurants. We all shared some appetizers and a pizza, and brought dessert back to our room. After a bath and books, it was time for bed!

We checked out, loaded the car, grabbed a quick breakfast to-go, and started the hour-long drive to Neuschwanstein Castle near Füssen. After parking and buying our tickets, we trekked uphill for about 30 minutes to reach the castle. We have been wanting to see this castle since we first moved here, and it did not disappoint us!  Disney based Sleeping Beauty’s castle off Neuschwanstein.  We had told Connor that we were going to see Mickey’s castle, and he kept asking if it would have a yellow rope around it. Neither of us could figure out what he meant, but then Charlie realized he must have been thinking about our Mickey Christmas ornament from Disneyland Paris that has a yellow string to hang on the tree!

After waiting for our entrance time and taking in the spectacular views from the outside, it was time to head inside for a guided tour. The castle was built for King Ludwig II of Bavaria, and he died before it was finished. Only one-third of the rooms inside were completed. The rooms that we saw were absolutely breathtaking!  Unfortunately, photos inside were not allowed.  The tour lasted a little over half an hour, and then we stopped at the gift shop before heading down the hill. We decided to take a carriage ride on the way down, and Connor was excited about that. Well, he may have been even more excited about the Thomas the Train water bottle that the little girl had across the seat from him!


Playing outside the castle before our tour

Carriage ride down the hill

The drive home took about 4 hours, and Connor slept for a lot of it.  We only have time for a few more adventures before moving back to the states.  Next up:  The Netherlands and the Czech Republic!

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